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Here's a very simple mod you can do with a Fotopro Transformer tripod or sometimes called the Polaroid All Terrain tripod. Available in ugly chrome and Gunmetal Grey. When choosing, be aware that some packages don't come with all the pieces. It's probably found under several different names too, but basically it's a flexible tripod with swappable feet and uses the standard 1/4x20 thread.

Parts needed:

1) Flexible tripod with removable feet
2) (3pcs) 1.5" 1/4-20 bolts & (3pcs) 1/4-20 jam nut,
3) (3pcs) basic skate wheels and bearings. Could be Rollerblade or skateboard wheels.
4) About 30 seconds of time out of your day...

When unscrewing the feet from these tripods, they are on pretty firm. Don't worry, just wrench them off, they are indeed removable. The 1/4-20 bolt is not a perfect fit (a bit smaller), but it really doesn't matter once it's rolling. Just don't crank down the bearings too tight or the wheel won't move as freely. This particular tripod isn't built for huge cameras, but should do fine for cameras around 3lbs. For anything heavier, I still recommend at least the Pico Flex table Dolly.

Something like this is perfect for camera sizes like the Sony HX9V or GH2. Find these tripods on both eBay (click here)

find-price-button FotoPro Flexible Transformer Tripod – via eBay

and also via Amazon (click here).

find-price-button FotoPro Flexible Tripod Rubber Suction Spiked Feet - via Amazon


(above) Original Pico Flex Dolly Demo video

For the first time, the Pico Flex Dolly is available Internationally. As usual all of this information will be updated at the main product website https://PhotographyAndCinema.com.

The first retailer ePhoto Inc., has decided to carry the Pico Flex Dolly units (dolly only at this time) and is offering the units for sale in both USA and International to some countries. They have only a limited quantity at this time, so if you've been waiting for the opportunity, the time is now (click here).

PicoPico (11 of 19)
find-price-button Pico Flex Skater Dolly - via eBay

For USA customers, the Pico units were also not available on Amazon recently. ePhoto Inc has also added a listing over at Amazon following the link (click here).

PicoPico (4 of 19)
find-price-button Pico Flex Skater Dolly - via Amazon



Sorry for the delay. The SpiderTrax Dolly was already announced to accept orders, but we only announced it to those who filled out the original form. Today i'm announcing that you can order the dolly (no fluid heads available at this time), only if you are a US resident within the 48 continental states, and payment accepted is Paypal only.

There is only one option available at this time, and it is the complete base kit which includes solid AL base plate, 2 solid AL axles, 4 wheels, 4 red bearings, 2 clamp knobs, 1/4" screw with 3/8" step up adapter to mount either your camera or a fluid head directly to the base.. The wheels will already come preassembled, so setup is simply just placing the axles on the base (5 seconds you're ready to go).

There are a limited amount of orders left, and you can grab it over at https://www.PhotographyAndCinema.com.

photo 4

photo 2

photo 3


Here's a riddle. What has a crap load of skater wheels, some fancy red bearings, and an HD Camera? Well it's me of course! Just showing off some gear to start up a Roller Derby team this summer. JK! (hope nobody took that seriously).

Just wanted to show off some of the items that will be finishing off the first round of Spider Trax Dollies found at https://spidertraxdolly.com. If you don't know what i'm talking about, check out the website. Pre-orders will start sometime next week and there will be a limited run on the first batch so start saving your pennies and stay tuned with the website when the Pre-orders will be announced. https://spidertraxdolly.com.