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The inexpensive Cowboy shoulder support gets a nice little discount and falls to about $17 bucks. [Thanks Serge]. This shoulder support is often considered a chest clamp and can be a true hands-free shoulder rig without the need of counterweights. It's possible to expand on this system by using rails sets like the updated Rig X - B version from Express35.com.


I also have an old video showing some rails on this shoulder support (here). The Cowboy Shoulder Support is on sale right now via Amazon (click here).

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Austin Wilson from DVRebellion puts the $30 dollar shoulder support 'offset' piece to a weight test. I've seen this piece crack twice on items I have, and it seemed to break in the same place. Have they fixed a possible mold issue? Not sure, but i'm personally not taking that chance. I'm pretty happy with the Express35 RigX setup on the main shoulder support and toss out the offset. Either way, it's a good test he's put it through that still shows the main shoulder support is extremely sturdy. [Thanks Austin]

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Looks like Rod's been busy, but it also looks like he's been saving - some cash. This is originally a short review of the Express35 RigX DSLR shoulder bundle, but i'm catching all kinds of cool budget gear over the entire rig. RigX was a project Chris designed after I mentioned about adapting to rails to my cheap shoulder support. The version Rod is showing here might be an earlier version of the RigX bundle as I believe there's some new redesign around the baseplate. Don't quote me on this, you might want to check in with Chris over @ Express35 first. Or sometimes he comments in the articles. More info on the RigX can be found here: https://express35.com/rigs/rig-x/

Besides the RigX rail system, he's mounted it to the cheap $24 $30 dollar shoulder support. This small setup looks super lightweight but very functional. Fast off the shoulder and fast onto a Fluid Head. Rod's also got a Zoom H1 over top with hot shoe shock mount, Sescom cable with splitter from Markertek to feed audio directly into a Magic Lantern loaded T2i, and one of the cheapest follow focus systems - the D-Focus. Rod's got a bit more information over at his Vimeo page which you can find here: https://vimeo.com/19856612

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