Cowboy Shoulder Support Discounted

The inexpensive Cowboy shoulder support gets a nice little discount and falls to about $17 bucks. [Thanks Serge]. This shoulder support is often considered a chest clamp and can be a true hands-free shoulder rig without the need of counterweights. It's possible to expand on this system by using rails sets like the updated Rig X - B version from


I also have an old video showing some rails on this shoulder support (here). The Cowboy Shoulder Support is on sale right now via Amazon (click here).

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15 thoughts on “Cowboy Shoulder Support Discounted

  1. David OShea

    To get steady enough footage while breathing... 🙂 You gotta let your lungs expand your stomach instead of your chest. Works well enough for me..

  2. Gotta say I can't recommend this support. Sure, it's cheap, and will get the job done in a pinch, but its plastic construction leaves much to be desired. I used mine for about a month or two before it eventually broke/cracked in two places and I had to toss it. My rig involved a T2i with battery grip, 17-55 f/2.8 IS lens, shoe mounted-mic and a Zoom H4n. Maybe if all you have is a Rebel with a light lens or a small camcorder, this rig will work fine. But if you have anything even remotely heavy, this baby is going to wear out real fast.

  3. imgpro615

    kinda like the fig rig, i was initially very skeptical of it...saw the plastic-y construction and was kinda turned off...but seeing my colleague's enthusiasm for it got me to give it another look...

  4. I keep hearing about the breath in and out theory.
    If you are short and the rest plate ends up on your stomach, possible... If you are "HEFTY".. then its not the stabilizer.

    Control your breath like a sniper.

  5. Habez

    My cowboy shoulder rig has also served me extremely well. Putting it together with a set of Gini rails + follow focus and a few magic arms.

    The offset bar that comes together with my shoulder rig seems really sturdy enough to handle the weight of all the rails + follow focus on my camera.

    Bought a rail tripod mount so that i can attach the whole thing to a tripod easily.

    Will show you some pics emm once all the parts come together. (:

  6. Tony

    One thing I dont like about mine is when you breath in and out the rig moves the camera up and down slightly. Especially if you not using stabilized lens. But even when I do it shows the horizon plane of the shot moving. Maybe I wearing it wrong. lol

  7. Saw the Rig X – B at Express35. imho too many plumbings and many spots for slippage for my liking. The cowboy rig is still handy though.

  8. DavidN4

    If you are ordering one, order 2, so that you can get the free shipping option. If you don't you actually pay more for 1 shipped to you, than for 2 shipped to you. I only need 1 of them, so I am going to give the other one as a gift to a friend of mine.

  9. They are still going for around $35 $40 on ebay, I already purchased 2 earlier and after seeing you post it here, I decided to get me 3 more just in case...

    You know how things get sold out quick when you post and can always give them out to younger film makers as gifts.

    Thanks again for everything you do for the community and for the props! 🙂

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