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Vimeo member Lolo Two is at it again with another DIY project. This time using EMT a.k.a conduit to assemble a solid DSLR style Fig Rig / Cage. Interesting to see the 90 degree Conduit connectors in use, and gives me more ideas on where I could use these things. [Thanks Lolo Two]

If you haven't passed by your local hardware store and looked through the Conduit / EMT section, you'll be surprised to find a whole bunch of clamps and connectors that have a ton of uses. I think I found some very cool clamps that can be mounted to 15mm Rails as accessory mounts.

As far as a DIY cage, I'm still hung up on my DIY DSLR Cage found here: http://cheesycam.com/cheesycam-exclusive-diy-dslr-cage-stabilizer/. Using inexpensive strut channels in my design requires zero drilling and just two cuts to assemble a solid rig with a bunch of different mounting points.