DIY DSLR Conduit Cage

Vimeo member Lolo Two is at it again with another DIY project. This time using EMT a.k.a conduit to assemble a solid DSLR style Fig Rig / Cage. Interesting to see the 90 degree Conduit connectors in use, and gives me more ideas on where I could use these things. [Thanks Lolo Two]

If you haven't passed by your local hardware store and looked through the Conduit / EMT section, you'll be surprised to find a whole bunch of clamps and connectors that have a ton of uses. I think I found some very cool clamps that can be mounted to 15mm Rails as accessory mounts.

As far as a DIY cage, I'm still hung up on my DIY DSLR Cage found here: Using inexpensive strut channels in my design requires zero drilling and just two cuts to assemble a solid rig with a bunch of different mounting points.

2 thoughts on “DIY DSLR Conduit Cage

  1. Serge

    Lolo Two is Awesome! and strong! If he wasn't confident on his DIY he sure would not have risked his toes like that!

    Ow how I'm going to be build something for sure maybe with 4 post poles instead of the 2 he uses.

    Lolo you should build a site and have a donation box.

    Emm, thanks as always for putting such great finds and helping those hidden gems to be found.

  2. Lolo Two

    Hey Emm, thanks for the post and thanks for the kind words. It's been fun. Your DIY cage is much beefier. I'm staring to get a clue. Baby steps for Lolo Two !!

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