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find-price-buttonTranscend Class 10 32GB SDHC

Just picked up three more 32GB Transcend Class 10 SDHC cards. Too many cameras, not enough cards to go around especially with the new Sony A55 and Panasonic GH2 i've been playing with. I've been pretty very happy with my other Transcends, so i'm going to continue shooting with them. I think it's still the best deal for reliable SDHC cards. I did notice that the stickers have changed from the previous Class 10 cards. Wonder if that makes them even better....


I picked up quite a few of these Kingston Compact Flash cards for video use. They are unbelievably cheap for it's size, and are rated to be fast enough for shooting video. They seem to work pretty awesome for the projects that i've been working on.

There are a few comments i'm concerned about. I've heard of a temp gauge going on when using these in the Canon 7D, and i've also heard that at times the card will start, overbuffer the camera, and then stop video recording all of a sudden. Maybe i'm not shooting anything long enough, using it enough, or maybe i'm doing something different. I'm sure photographers will never have these problems since they are just shooting photos.For video use, so far I haven't had any problems on the several that i've purchased. Anyone else try these cards for Video on DSLR's? Any comments?