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click image to buy

click image to buy

I've gotten alot of questions about these Canon Coffee mugs that were first released for promotional items during the Winter Olympics in Canada (hence the french on the box). Through my long long long research i've found that there is only 1 manufacturer in China who produces these 1:1 replica Coffee Mugs of a 70-200mm F/4 IS lens. Since this company is in contract with Canon to only sell through Licensed Canon Sales Channels, it's not likely you'll be getting them by bulk into the US. Yeah tough, because I wanted to grab a wholesale bunch of these things for the Cheesycam audience.

Fortunately there are some grey - black market mugs for sale via eBay and other websites. I've been following many blogs about other guys who have already received their limited edition mugs, so it's obviously shipping from the source somehow. Doing some research on eBay for sellers + feedback + member since + etc. etc., I decided to take the plunge and order one of these items. I'm not suggesting that everyone go out and grab one right now, but i'll let you know if I get scammed. Fortunately I'm pretty good at sniffing a legit sale or not on eBay and payment is via Paypal. I'm taking one for the team on this, so that the rest of you who might want to follow up on a purchase can feel a bit safer knowing the item was actually received or not. Besides, Paypal has always had my back on any type of dispute.

If you're part of the daring group of hard core Canon fanatics who feel this is a much needed collector piece, you can find them on sale by clicking here, or any of the images above.