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Here's a quick overview video of the new CAME-TV Mini 3. This is the third version of this little gimbal. The first CAME-MINI required tools to balance your camera, while the MINI-2 was very similar in build to the original version with the exception of tool-less adjustments. The new MINI-3 Gimbal has been completely redesigned, but keep note that it is still geared towards carrying a similar sized camera and payload as the other CAME-MINI systems.

The most important performance difference is this new model finally has Encoder Hardware built in. Encoders have made a huge difference in how SBGC gimbals operate, and it's something I highly suggest looking for when shopping for one. You should have more stability as well as longer more efficient battery life.

The new top handle can be removed from the gimbal frame and sectioned into 3 pieces (similar to ARGO design). Since the battery is now mounted behind the camera (not inside the top handle like MINI/MINI2), the Mini-3 Gimbal frame can be used without the top handle. In fact CAME-TV is advertising a version that can be mounted under a Drone and comes with a special vibration mount adapter called the MINI-3-AIR (seen here).

CAME-MINI2-AIR Gimbal  for Drones
Learn-More-sm CAME-MINI3 AIR Gimbal with Vibration Mount

Similar to CAME-TV's ARGO Gimbal, the CAME-MINI 3 comes with a wireless joystick, gimbal stand, Hardcase, Battery, Charger, Built in 5.8Ghz Wireless Video Transmitter (SD), and a few other accessories. Inverted mode is done by rotating the handles over the side (not over the top like Ronin). It should automatically detect the inversion, so there's no need to power the system Off and restarting the system inverted. This makes it much faster when changing your shots from low mode to eye level tracking shots.

CAME-TV CAME-MINI 3 Mini 3 gimbal encoders
Learn-More-sm CAME-TV CAME-MINI 3 Gimbal 32 Bit SBGC w/ Encoders

So for those who are wondering if this CAME-MINI 3 gimbal will be suitable for you, I would highly recommend you get familiar with the types of cameras and lens combinations people are having success with. You can see many of those examples of CAME-MINI gimbal videos submitted by customers (found here).


CAME-TV has just posted two new gimbal stabilizers on their website. The first is a new version of the CAME-MINI which has been upgraded to incorporate a quick release plate and tool-less adjustments around the frame. They are labeling this as the CAME-MINI 2. Below is a video they posted on their YT channel about the new changes.

CAME-TV Mini Gimbal 2 version 2CAME-MINI 2 Gimbal Stabilizer
find-price-button CAME-TV CAME-MINI 2 Stabilizer 3-Axis Gimbal

The next new product is a new single handed pistol grip style gimbal stabilizer that I think is really going to be appealing to the growing mirrorless market. The new CAME-TV 'SINGLE' works with a 32-bit board (as opposed to 8-bit), and the largest Brushless Motors i've seen on any pistol grip style gimbal. It also incorporates a quick release plate and tool less adjustments.

CAME-MINI Gimbal stabilizer CAME-SINGLE
find-price-button CAME-TV SINGLE 3-Axis Pistol Grip Style Gimbal Stabilizer

Obviously the unit seen in images and in video are still prototype and will most likely be black anodized for production. Expected to begin shipping in mid June 2015, the new CAME-TV SINGLE is already open for Pre-orders which includes an early bird discount. There are additional photos over at the product page (found here).

Came-single mini gimbal single handed pistol grip style gimbalCame-tv Single Handed Gimbal
find-price-button CAME-TV SINGLE 3-Axis Pistol Grip Style Gimbal Stabilizer

In other news CAME-TV has reduced pricing across many of the CAME 8000, CAME 7800 (old version), CAME 7500, and CAME 7000. Make sure to visit their website to see the new pricing.