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Luke writes in and shares this video with a Behind the Scenes look to the recent 'Monsters' movie. Ok so there's mixed reviews on the movie's entire story, but you have to admire what has been made from an almost nothing budget. Take a good look at the gear (or lack of) and you'll find what's looks to be a simple Sony EX-3 working hard on a $24.00 shoulder support and a basic set of rails. This looks pretty much like the two handle setup I'm using with my Gini Rig. Still worried about that cheap shoulder support not holding up? I'm guessing these guys really put it through the paces and seemed happy with the results. A Letus Adapter gives it a bit more depth of field on the Sony prosumer camcorder for that traditional Cinema look. There's also a nice comment towards the end about the importance of audio. All in all it's a pretty cool BTS video that definitely shows even cheap gear can be used for big things. Thanks for sharing and pointing that out Luke.

Here's the official trailer that was released for this movie

Here's that shoulder support again:
find-price-button Shoulder Support Pad for Video Camcorder Camera DV / DC


It's a long video, I admit I got a bit bored listening to this, but the contest sounds interesting enough. FStoppers.com, a young website blog, will be giving away a Canon 7D or Nikon D300 to someone that can provide the best behind the scenes video. There's a few additional 'rules' and what sounds like some additional marketing for the FStoppers website, but all in all it sounds like a fun project to take on. I highly recommend anyone wanting to learn photography or videography to join as many of these projects as possible. It will put you in a different working environment, learning how to team up, and increase your skill levels. You can find more information here: https://fstoppers.com/contest