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Aputure has finally announced it is officially shipping the new Light Storm LS-C300D LED Video Light. So expect them to be available at retailers soon (if not already). This light was shown at NAB 2017, and has been one of the most anticipated lights in their lineup. Larger and more powerful than their LS-COB120D, some of the benefits to this design is the Single Point Source Light which is easier to shape, and does not display multiple shadows (like many light panels will). It also uses a popular bowens mount to attach a variety of accessories and light modfiers.

Aputure claims to have close to a 2K output, and when you compare this to other popular brands, the new Aputure 300D is less than 1/3rd the price. With a 97+ high CRI rating, remote control, and the ability to power off dual V-Mount batteries without being tethered to a wall outlet, this seems like a great light to have for any type of video shooter. The new Aputure 300D is available now on the Aputure website (found here).

Aputure LS-C300D 300D LED LightAputure 300D Video Light
Aputure Light Storm LED LS-C300D Video Light


The Amaran HR672 and AI-528 LED Video Light Panels from Aputure are some of their most popular selling LED Video Lights. With feedback from the community, Aputure has created a new EZ Box+ Kit to help modify that light.

Here's a short video look at the new Aputure EZ Box+ Light Angle Reduction Diffuser Kit that works effectively to give you more options to either soften your light source, or to narrow down the beam angle.

aputure ez box kitaputure amaraon ez box kit
Learn More Aputure EZ Box+ Kit for Amaraon 528 672 LED Lights

Aputure AL-528W LED Video Light Panel 5Aputure AL-528W LED Video Light Panel 4Aputure AL-528W LED Video Light Panel
Learn More Aputure AL-528W LED Video Light Panels

aputure 672
Learn More Aputure 672 LED Video Light Panel High CRI 95



I was curious to test out the new Aputure LED Video light panels, and so I reached out to Aputure to send over this package of 3 different portable LED Video lights. Within these three boxes sit the 528w, 528c, and 528s LED Light Panels waiting to be unboxed.

Aputure AL-528W LED Video Light Panel.png 1
find-price-button Aputure AL-528W LED Video Light Panels

The three different lights share mostly the same features which include a Digital brightness display, Double power supply system (battery or AC), the ability to charge batteries from the unit while being powered by AC, a Battery power indicator, and all come with a nice Carrying case. I'll try to get to them later this week, but for now here's what the different models represent.

The AL-528W is an all daylight color temp rated at 5500K and throws a 75 degree beam angle.
The AL-528S is an all daylight color temp rated at 5500K but throws only at a 25 degree beam angle (spotlight type effect).
The AL-528C throws at the 75 degree beam angle, but can adjust color between 3200K-5500K using two sets of different color LED bulbs.

I'm just waiting for a color temp meter (should be here later this week) to measure LUX for a better comparison of these new panels.

Aputure AL-528W LED Video Light Panel 5Aputure AL-528W LED Video Light Panel 4Aputure AL-528W LED Video Light Panel
find-price-button Aputure AL-528W LED Video Light Panels


First unboxing review from YouTube member DioxCorp on the latest Aputure 160 LED video light . These new LED lights are available in 126, 160, and 198 sizes. In this video the 160 looks pretty big, so imagine the size of the 198 version. Sorry I can't translate this video, but i'll save you some time. Skip on down to about 6:50, that's where the test begins. At first it's set to minimum light output, but shortly after the light is set on full power. At full power it seems to cover the entire room with little vignetting on the wide lens. The only thing that skews the test is that the camera seems to be on Auto Exposure. You'll find these LED lights starting at around $40 dollars.

find-price-button Amaran LED Video Light 126 LED, 160 LED, and 198 LED