Aputure Amaran 160 LED Video Light Review

First unboxing review from YouTube member DioxCorp on the latest Aputure 160 LED video light . These new LED lights are available in 126, 160, and 198 sizes. In this video the 160 looks pretty big, so imagine the size of the 198 version. Sorry I can't translate this video, but i'll save you some time. Skip on down to about 6:50, that's where the test begins. At first it's set to minimum light output, but shortly after the light is set on full power. At full power it seems to cover the entire room with little vignetting on the wide lens. The only thing that skews the test is that the camera seems to be on Auto Exposure. You'll find these LED lights starting at around $40 dollars.

find-price-button Amaran LED Video Light 126 LED, 160 LED, and 198 LED

19 thoughts on “Aputure Amaran 160 LED Video Light Review

  1. Well, I just got one of those, drawn by the price. It's the big one, the 198 LED or something, and I can tell you right off the bat, it's light has a VEEEERY strong greenish tint to it. I'll email the Ebay seller to see what he says.

  2. @Nestor, Sorry I read this now, I wish we had an option to be alerted when someone replies to us directly. Their has to be a wordpress widget out there for this huh Emm?

    Nestor, the new w96 I am referring to are the new updated version 3 which tony has yet to release.

    search for my videos here on cheesycam.

  3. Juan

    I already checked with the Ebay seller and the external dimmensions are the same on the 126, 160 and 198. The difference is the amount of leds.

    The magnets like the Z96 has is a plus!

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @JC - The 160 is a very good light for the price. Many people have been using these in the last 2 years. It's mostly plastic and the adjustable neck is plastic, but it has good output.

  5. @emm Im looking for a led camera light and the one above looks great for the price but none in the Usa and I need one rather quickly have you heard anything about this more expensive one it seems to have pretty perfect reviews but I wanted to know what you thought about it for the money ? https://www.amazon.com/Fancierstudio-Dimmable-Camera-Camcorder-Fancier/dp/B0043H9F52/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top If you have another recommendation for the same amount of cash please do let me know

  6. Nestor

    @Serge.. what "sets of W96 should start arriving on Ebay with new all white LED" are you talking about? do you mean the z96? because if so, i was about to pull the trigger on one, riiiiiiiight now.

  7. Aries V

    Interesting. Cheap enough. I wonder it the color is good.

    One drawback is the little pegs that keep the filters on. He was obviously struggling with it. It looks like it's only a matter of time before those little plastic pegs snap off.

  8. Kevin M

    Cheesycam you're breaking my wallet! I have never spent so much on camera equipment until I found this site and Oliviatech.com. 🙂 These lights look amazing.. mine should be on it's way soon.

  9. He keeps stating that its burning his eyes even with the filters on, powerful indeed which is a good thing...

    And the typical complain on the cold shoe ball head falling over, but that's typical with free ball heads.

  10. That's almost as worst as the first batch of W96.
    The new sets of W96 should start arriving on Ebay with new all white LED and all issues fixed from the first 2 reviews.

    All with an all new cheaper price.
    Cant wait to see how they compare.

  11. Meeto Jang

    What is your evaluation of this light? It seems cheap. 3 of these and I could get started shooting decent video.

  12. Emm

    Post author

    @Meeto Jang - Z96, or I like using the bi-color LED lights like the 240, 209, or 312. Prices are pretty high though.

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