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When it comes to smart adapters for Canon EF lenses that allow you to adjust the iris, your selection is limited and pricey. Over at the 2014 NAB Show in Las Vegas, I stopped by the Aputure booth to look at a brand new concept Canon EF to mirrorless Lens adapter.

Cheesycam Aputure Wireless Follow Focus Adapter

This new DEC concept is an adapter that not only can adjust the iris on the Canon EF lens, but can also adjust focus through a wireless remote. This is not the same method used from USB follow focus systems where it requires the lens to 'step' in increments. What I saw was very smooth, and they confirmed it is using a different more accurate method.

The adapter also offers a LANC cable for start / stop video. It uses an internal battery, so everything can be completely self contained. An LCD screen on the side of the adapter shows the lens focal distance and aperture value. The same LCD on the remote also shows this information. The remote can store A/B limits so that you can return to exact focus points. A throttle on the joystick controls how fast or slow to focus.

I'm not a fan of the single hand joystick, but they did mention on designing a more 'standard' wireless follow focus remote with marking disc. Do away with lens gears, 15mm rails, and external follow focus motors. An adapter like this will easily appeal to those working with Steadicams or Active Gimbal Stabilizers. So far this product is not yet available on the main website, so please leave your comments, suggestions, and feedback here in this article (comment here).

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