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Want a simple way to put up a background? These new PortaScreen Retracting Portable backdrops make it easy to travel and setup a solid backdrop for talking head interviews or products shots. When not used as a background, you could easily use the black backdrop as a flag or negative fill to control spill lighting. The portable green screen obviously would make it easy to key products or people out for background replacements. It's just about as nice as traveling with seamless paper as you don't need to fold cloth and worry about wrinkles. But better than seamless paper as you don't need to bring a backdrop stand set.

PortaScreen - Fast Retractable Portable Backgrounds

The PortaScreen is also a quick and simple setup for vloggers that need to hide distracting (ahem 'messy') backgrounds. Simply pull upwards to setup, and retract back into it's case when you're done. The 6'7" x 5' dimension should be more than enough when interviewing a single person, but if you need to fill the entire frame, one tip is to use long lenses to narrow the field of view when working with smaller backdrops. Seems like a handy product, and though i've seen others like this before, the PortaScreen seems to be more affordable. Check out the new PortaScreen backgrounds (product page here).

PortaScreen - Fast Retractable Portable Backgrounds


Listed on a daily deal, here's an Aluminum Hard Case with 'Pluck Foam' for customizing the fit of your equipment. I wouldn't trust them to handle my Lenses or DSLR video cameras, but for every other accessory they work great to keep things where they need to be and i'm able to store them on shelves or rack space.

I purchased a half dozen of these cheap cases a while back mainly to organize my lav mics, batteries, chargers, portable audio recorders, headphones, cables/wires, etc. Having a case also ensures you leave with what you came to the shoot with. Normally priced closer to $20 dollars, today's deal lands these Aluminum custom fit foam padded cases at just $9.99 + FREE SHIPPING (click here).

VIV-AX-2020-ebay_1883_0_15715_0Aluminum Foam Pad Case
find-price-button Aluminum Gear Case Padded with Pick Pluck Foam