Custom Pluck Foam Aluminum Hard Gear Case – Deal $9.99

Listed on a daily deal, here's an Aluminum Hard Case with 'Pluck Foam' for customizing the fit of your equipment. I wouldn't trust them to handle my Lenses or DSLR video cameras, but for every other accessory they work great to keep things where they need to be and i'm able to store them on shelves or rack space.

I purchased a half dozen of these cheap cases a while back mainly to organize my lav mics, batteries, chargers, portable audio recorders, headphones, cables/wires, etc. Having a case also ensures you leave with what you came to the shoot with. Normally priced closer to $20 dollars, today's deal lands these Aluminum custom fit foam padded cases at just $9.99 + FREE SHIPPING (click here).

VIV-AX-2020-ebay_1883_0_15715_0Aluminum Foam Pad Case
find-price-button Aluminum Gear Case Padded with Pick Pluck Foam

23 thoughts on “Custom Pluck Foam Aluminum Hard Gear Case – Deal $9.99

  1. Dan

    Harbor Freight also offers an 11x7x4 case for $15. Has a thin (like 1/8") foam lining, but no pick n' pluck.

    Amazon offers "Cases By Source" blow-molded polyethylene cases that are durable, dentproof, rustproof, inexpensive, and available in a variety of sizes. They're like what some power tools come in except totally empty. They also are not waterproof.

    Terrific "alternate Pelican" cases are the Nanuk line of cases. Lighter than Pelican, multiple colors, terrific latches. Really like them.

  2. Robert

    I bought 2. They will be perfect for housing some mics and audio gear. They are rigid enough for stacking as long as significant pressure isn't applied to the middle of the panels.

    As far as price/performance goes these are cheaper than a foam filled shipping box.

  3. would these be good for transporting florescent lights? the spiral type bulb? Looking for a better way to transport my light set up, other than boxes -___-

  4. Ten bucks! Ten bucks! With foam, shipped! Unless they disintegrate the moment they get to you, how can you go wrong with these? Is the guy making any money on these or just blowing them out trying to make room in his warehouse? He's in Florida, it will cost seven eight bucks just to ship these to the west coast, if not more. Like Emm said, I would not put my DSLR bodies or lenses in them, but for accessories, all sorts of small crap, I think they're great. The guy sold like 600-700 of them since Emm posted this.

  5. Austin

    Going to buy at least one to help organize some of my wires and maybe one for my h4n, xlrs, and mic (still rocking a cheap $20 mic and it works okay but hopping to upgrade soon). Wanting to get a Pelican for my camera and lenses, what ones would you guys recommend?

  6. it truly is amusing when the whole price/performance thing blows up....

    it's a good find and i ordered 2. i won't jump on them, i wont throw them in a river, and i won't hit them repeatedly with a pick axe. why? because they're not pelicans, and that's both obvious and pointless to comment on.

    things that cost little frequently don't perform the same as things that cost a lot. that's common sense. so don't just say they're junk, if they have a specific issue, then tell us about it. I for instance have had a few of these types of cases and one of the issues i once had was the pin on one of the clasps came out, but it was as simple as 2 seconds with some pliers to fix up and hasn't been an issue since

    i also had a larger one which i used as a camera case for years. kept my things plenty safe, i don't use it anymore for the sole reason that its wheels are just too damn loud.

  7. getem

    These look great, I can put a couple of my Led handheld lights in here. Also some stuff like cables or even at worst for props.

    I in no way shape or form will compare this to high quality stuff, but for $10 it MUST be better than just having certain gear thrown in the trunk of a car loosely.

  8. IP5

    I just bought ten of these for the sole purpose of storing small accessories and such in the same cases so it looks more organized. I have no plans on using them for lenses, cameras, or the like, but for everything else, and for storage (and not in the field), I'm almost tempted at ordering a few more. We shall see what happens.

  9. Adcockstudios

    Tough crowd in here sometimes. What do people expect for 10 bucks? This is a perfect solution for clean storage. Ikea bins are more than this. I just ordered 3 to organize cables and such. Sadly there is no perfect case. But for 10 bucks for a little cleaner organization I'm in. Thanks for sharing Emm.

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @Steven - I know what you're saying. I'm sure you are just referencing very fragile equipment which we are trying to make a point about. Don't use these types of cases for anything more than basic accessories. I guess if you have the money, it's ok to spend $100 dollars just to store your HDMI cables, extension cables, XLR cables. I'm just not at that level I guess, and I don't see how I can easily damage such cable type accessories even if I threw this cheap case off the roof of my building.

  11. I agree with Emm, you wanna nice case of course you'll get pelicans (I have 4 of my own) But for small misc stuff, rails, batteries.... this will work just fine.

  12. Steven

    @Emm - When it comes down to it, I'd rather buy a strong storage solution for my gear instead of buying new gear because it broke in a weak case. $100 for a pelican case is a solid investment to protect your gear. You can't make money unless your gear is in working order.

  13. Greg

    Think Alien Bee Strobes would fit in these? This has gotta be more protective that the small carry cases they come in.


  14. Emm

    Post author

    @Dylan - Funny how people expect this to rival a $100 dollar pelican case. I store my cases on racks. For gear such as cables, lav mics, zoom h1, headphones, and other small accessories they work great. Slap a sticker on the box to find gear more easily. Again, these cases are not designed for more fragile items like cameras or lenses. Just boxes to organize.

    The amount of Pluck foam alone that comes with this is already pretty good at this price.

  15. joel

    These are great. I buy them from Harbor Freight and even with their constant 20% off coupon, I still pay about $25 bucks each.

    At 10 bones apiece with free ship, this is a good deal. Just ordered 3.

  16. Steven

    I bought this a few weeks ago for about $15 and it's junk. If you're a beginner and cant afford a pelican case, get it. Otherwise, save for the pelican case. They offer pluck foam on some models. Can't beat the strength of a pelican case!

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