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If you've recently purchased, planning to purchase, or possibly just have access to certain Varavon products, you could enter the Varavon Review Event and possibly receive a complimentary gift.

All you need to do is leave a video review (3 minutes or less) and submit that video to [email protected]. Video reviews must specifically be about either the BirdyCam2, TiltJib T1/T2/T3/T4, or any of the ARMORII Cages for the 5DMK3 / 7DMK2 / NX1 / A7s. So if you have these products, or have access to a friend's equipment, you can email your (3 minute or less) Review Video or a link to a URL with the video, and this event runs between Between July 1st, 2015 - July 30th, 2015.

More details on the banner image below along with available prizes offered for selected winners.

Varavon Review Event


BG-E11 Battery Grip for Canon 5D Mark III

While you probably can't find the official Canon BG-E11 battery grip for the Canon 5D Mark III at $350 US dollars (seen here), The Pixel brand is already claiming to be working on an 'Alternate' BG-E11 battery grip for about $90 bucks. [Thanks Joel].

The Pixel images so far look very close to the original BG-E11 design including the small joystick button and rubberized coating (according to their description). The listing via eBay is posted as a Pre-order to be released June 10th. Check out more of the images and information following the link (click here).

Canon 5D Mark III Battery GripCanon 5D Mark III Aftermarket Battery Grip Alternate
find-price-button Canon 5D Mark III (alternate) Aftermarket Battery Grip BG-E11


Robert from Juicedlink just uploaded a video showing some of the Canon 5D Mark III audio features along with the Nikon D800 audio features. Towards the second half, he introduces a new Juicedlink RM333 low noise pre-amp. We've run a few audio tests running a microphone into the Canon 5DM3 and there's no doubt using an external preamp will still yield better results. The internal amps of the Canon DSLR aren't very good.

RM333 Low Noise Preamp Juicedlink JuicedLink RM333

The new Juicedlink RM333 preamp looks like a good small solution, and it was pretty smart to add in the backup audio that had been attenuated (reduced volume). There's times when your subject gets a bit excited and starts talking a little louder than expected, so a lower recording can save you from clipping. When the RM333 becomes available, you'll be able to find it over at Juicedlink's Website (click here).


Canon 5D Mark III

It's been several years, and there's no secret about Canon replacing the 5D Mark II. The big question on everyone's mind is when? I'm not a rumor guy, I myself rely on CanonRumors.com for that sort of stuff. But I just received a teeny weeny bit of news not mentioned elsewhere (from a reliable source) that the Canon 5D Mark III is definitely real and among us - closer than you think. One thing I can say is that while Canon has been releasing all their latest cameras with Swivel LCD screens, the 5D Mark III will not have this.

This is just my opinion, but my guess is that the Canon 5D represents a more robust professional line of camera. A swivel screen could cause more issues (fragile?). Most professional photographers require speed and don't shoot in 'Live View' mode. For professional video and filmmakers, there's no reason to add a swivel LCD since there are many existing solutions around using external monitoring sources like EVF or LCD monitors, should you require angles while shooting...