Canon 5D Mark III

Canon 5D Mark III

It's been several years, and there's no secret about Canon replacing the 5D Mark II. The big question on everyone's mind is when? I'm not a rumor guy, I myself rely on for that sort of stuff. But I just received a teeny weeny bit of news not mentioned elsewhere (from a reliable source) that the Canon 5D Mark III is definitely real and among us - closer than you think. One thing I can say is that while Canon has been releasing all their latest cameras with Swivel LCD screens, the 5D Mark III will not have this.

This is just my opinion, but my guess is that the Canon 5D represents a more robust professional line of camera. A swivel screen could cause more issues (fragile?). Most professional photographers require speed and don't shoot in 'Live View' mode. For professional video and filmmakers, there's no reason to add a swivel LCD since there are many existing solutions around using external monitoring sources like EVF or LCD monitors, should you require angles while shooting...

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  1. Rich R

    Regarding availability of alternative solutions "should you require angles while shooting" I'm sorry. This is so beneficial I can't consider it strictly a video consideration. Unless photogs never want to be able to shoot overhead or down low without contorting their heads down to the immobilized screen. Durability/vulnerability issue? Only if you use it extended from the which point you are admitting to making use of the feature.
    And yes..adding external solutions that other cams have integral to design significantly adds to the cost and may end up being more fiddly.

  2. Matt


    " Please Please Please no swivel screen on a pro level camera, this is just amateurish, and is something else to potentially break "

    It doesn't break. I own plenty of devices with a swivel screen, including a 60D and I've thrashed it.

    " If you want a swivel screen buy a Rebel, or some other camera made for soccer moms "

    No, the swivel screen enhances it. It makes it more versatile when you're taking low shots, high shots, or shots that require the back of the camera to be position directly in front of something.

    If you don't like the swivel screen you can position it to lay flat on the camera just like the LCD screen does on the current 5d Mark II.

  3. Swan

    I have to completely agree with Neil. I'm just looking for a really nice still camera that has video as a bonus. I don't need too many megapixels but rather prefer stellar low-light capabilities, upgraded autofocusing system, with slightly higher fps.

  4. 5D Mark iii seemed scarey news , Wondering what kind of sensor it will has and how much the maximum video farm size 4K ? or More ?

  5. Zogy

    Well, i didn't took the time to read this entire thread but in my opnion, a swivel LCD is very helpful even for professional photographers. It allows u to take high angle photos with a minimum of effort.
    I myself have a 60d and work as a wedding photographer. The party after the wedding was always the part that got the most rejected photos becasue the high angle, but now it's different due to the swivel screen.
    Don't think that i like liveview but there are some circumstances when it really makes a difference.
    And the construction of the screen is very robust at the 60d. I really hope the 5d mkIII will have one too.

  6. rebel350D

    Or how about this?
    Canon should release two versions of 5dMk2, one with swivel screen and one without it, and name them slightly differently (5dMk2S, S for swivel screen).
    That way, both groups are happy!

    or they can make it an option to upgrade (or downgrade, depending on your perspective) to attach (or detach, again depending on your perspective) a swivel screen.

    Anyway, I can't wait for this camera! I'm tired of using my very limited Rebel 350D (XT)

  7. Kelly

    Please Please Please no swivel screen on a pro level camera, this is just amateurish, and is something else to potentially break. If you want a swivel screen buy a Rebel, or some other camera made for soccer moms. First and foremost its a still camera, not a video camera. If i want a bigger screen or a screen that moves, then ill purchase one, but dont force one on those of us who hate them and actually use the camera for real photography.

    I would hope their would also be mass improvements in the dynamic range performance, no matter how you look at it, digital is still not film.

    There is no real comparison between Red and the 5D, yes both are great, but ... its like comparing a Pinto to a BMW, sure they will both get you to your destination, one will just do a better job of it.

  8. To further clarify my comment about taking advantage of the
    higher shutter speeds available in the 5DM2 (TV mode), I shot 9 hours of tests in public crowds at a popular tourism
    destination. over several weeks. People were passing all around the mono-pod mounted pair of 5DM2s. All walking, at various angles, and distances between say, 2.5 feet, to perhaps 20 feet. In general, a 200th of a second offered the best overall result. The inclusion of moving detail, in the closer walking people, comes closer to what you actually see in a crowd with your normal vision. The detail of a fabric,jewelry,readable facial expression,etc... add greatly to immersive effect in either 2D with a single camera, or my 3D coverage. Don't be a slave to default blurry foreground video detail!

  9. I have been working with 3D film and video for most of my life. I use the 5DM2 in pairs. Using a distinct mounting layout that makes them fairly close. This allows shooting as close as 3 feet, with certain restrictions, to be sure. One thing that helps, is to shoot in tv mode with shutter speeds from 160th to as high as 320th. This makes the detail, of things less than 4 feet away, become, amazingly clean. Remember, resolution is not just pixel clarity, but also detail that crosses over from pixel block to pixel block, and is still visible. Detail requires at least 4 pixels to be continuous for fine details. Try this, even in 2D, with one camera...It will surprise you.

  10. TAC

    My 5 cents!

    I got rid of Canon 7d for 2 GH2s and I must say I’m really happy I did. Way better camera for video work than 7D, for my liking. However,I can't wait for the new full frame DSLR from Canon, that’s long over due!

  11. @JonF
    I have the GH2 and I'm sorry but I don't see where you make that kind of statement..."The GH2 is already far superior to my canons for video." Far superior in what way? Picture? Quality? Usability? Because I have the 5dmkII, 2/7d's with Cineform and the GH2. My Canon's are still the primary one's I use for my shoots.

    I would love to here why you choose the GH2.

  12. I have a 60D as my b-cam and use the swivel LCD all the time as well. I have a Jag 35 Monitor-X attached to it so I can get some magnification without having to squeeze my eye into a viewfinder.

    There are times when the LCD fully swung out does feel a tad flimsy but so far I haven't had any issues with it and I've put it through the paces. I'd be pretty disappointed if the Mk III didn't have the swivel screen as well and honestly it would surprise me if they left it out. Then again, I think we're all expecting a lot from this camera and I'm not sure it's going to deliver quite to everyone's expectations.

  13. Matt

    By the way, I use a Canon 60D and use the swivel screen ALL THE TIME.

    Not only for video but for photography too.

  14. Matt

    Do you know for a fact there will be no Swivel LCD screen on the 5Dmark3???

    I don't understand why they wouldn't include it???

    if you don't want to use it you can just flip it and it functions exactly the same as a DSLR without a swivel LCD!!!

    That would be a huge let down on a DSLR, which is largely designed for its video capabilities.

  15. Neil

    Looks like a whole load of people want to make videos with this kit. Am I the only one who hopes Canon make a great stills camera with good video as a bonus? My wish list would basically be a full-frame version of the 7D: advanced focus system, lighting quick continuous shooting and best-yet low light performance.

    Oh and I heard it might have an OLED screen!

  16. @J Hanna
    There isn't necessarily such a thing as a "professional" camera. And, I do hope people leave that term alone. If you're making money WITH the camera, then it is professional by definition alone.

    If what you MEAN to say is that the camera doesn't have as many on-board features and or higher end features, then yes- the Canons do fall behind in that category.

    However, that doesn't stop them from being used in smaller indie films, broadcast shoots, commercials and high end-big budget films either. Now does it?

    Use the tool to your means. Every single one on ever tier has a disadvantage. None of which will make you a better cinematographer or storyteller either.

  17. mark london

    @Ryan - I've shot features and docs on both - 7D won every time. Full frame is great for VERY lowlight and stills. Cropped 7D better for everything else. We did a huge commercial this month. 7D looked best out of 4 cams, including RED One, shooting on the same set. On run'n'gun docs, cropped sensors win hands down. I'll put up with a touch of extra grain in lowlight for deeper focus (and the new grain removal plugins in most serious grading suites usually deals with that).

    60D is a great camera, but those swivel screens annoy the hell out of me. They feel cheap. I agree that if you haven't the money for an alternative, then ok. ALL these cameras are amazing. I would happily shoot with any of them.

    Just wanted to say, love this blog, love this community.

  18. Sandro

    The swivel screen is a MUST...I have a 60d and the 5d mk almost seems idiotic to put my camera in a bag and have the LCD exposed...for the protection factor alone the swivel LCD is a genius idea...I almost NEVER use it extended for still photography but it honestly doesn't have one single scratch on it. That should be a given and a feature on all new canon cameras...What should be improved is the screen technology itself. The 60d's resolution is quite impressive but I'd like to see an OLED screen or something similar to apple's retina display on the iPhone 4.

  19. xlerate

    Starting back with the 60D, every new Canon from the rebel class up should offer the option of GPS, geo-tagging.

    This single feature in itself has become a great additional layer to photos. I love to see my mobile photos geo-tagged in Google+ and Canon offers this on their $200 powershot models.

    Come on Canon

  20. For years I shot some stills (on assignment) remotely, from the top of a 12' pole, for instance, so at that time I wanted the Mark III to have a detachable (wired) viewfinder. I finally solved that issue by using my ipod as a remote viewfinder for stills:

    Now that I'm doing video and have a field monitor, I'll be glad to have the Mark III's LCD secured flat against the body as it is now.

    Keep us posted, Emm!

    I agree with the comment at the top of this thread: When the Mark III comes out, I'll be sure to use the B&H link on this site to buy it, so Emm gets a tiny portion as commission. Heck, it costs us no more, so let's be sure to click through this site for our purchases.

  21. JonF

    Dont expect anything great from Canon. The 5DmII video was fluke and it took them a long time to make it usable. The safest bet is Sony 1st and Panny 2nd. The GH2 is already far superior to my canons for video.

    If your a primarily video guy the real safe bet is to buy manual Nikon lenses so you can use them no matter who puts what out.

    All these company's have pro video divisions to protect and the 2-3k price range has traditionally offered very little for low budget indy types. Also the 5dII still sells very robustly.

    HDSL'sR will hopefully evolve, but I doubt it. Well see what Sony can do with the A77. It's starting to look like the ultimate HDSLR. I hope so cause I never want to buy a canon product again after they broke up the video centric feature set in there lineup(why does the 7d still not have manual audio/zebras ect).

  22. @Ryan - Even though the 5D is "Full Frame" it is 35mm still photo full frame, where the film runs horizontally. The 7D is much closer to 35mm "Full Frame" for motion picture 35mm film, where the film runs vertically.

    @Swester - Ditto your 2 points. Said exactly what I was going to say.

    If you mostly do stills & want to shoot a little video. DSLR is the way to go. But I'm a video guy who does a little stills, so I highly doubt I will ever get excited about a DSLR now that cameras like the AF100 & FS100 are out & more in future years.

    If Canon released a 5D-Mark "XF" with a 1920x1080 chip, all the video features real pro-video cameras have, then I'd go crazy. But I know that is NOT going to happen any time soon.

  23. Ryan

    @Mark - but for the full frame function it's hard to say the 7D is better for video. The sensor is even better in low light than the 7D.

  24. Swester

    Two points:

    1) A swivel screen is a godsend for DSLR video. I upgraded t2i > t3i for that very reason. Couldn't imagine going back. One of the overlooked benefits - you can PROTECT the LCD by rotating it to the closed position!

    2) For true video, I can't understand why anyone would hold out for a Mk III when cameras like the AF100 and FS100 are out. NO moire/aliasing problems, built in XLR, full 35mm sensor (on the FS). DSLR is fun when it's cheap (i.e. the t3i/7D range), but if you're shelling out over $3k for a DSLR...why not just pony up for a real video camera?

  25. Emm

    Post author

    @Chris - Announcement maybe this year? But still sounds like a 2012 availability at this point.

  26. @ Darius - It isn't a professional video camera. the 5d line is a professional STILLS camera.
    If you want a professional video camera there are plenty of new incredible ones out.
    Us DSLR shooters just got lucky with these cameras. But if they ever released a professional VIDEO camera and you could only shoot for 12 minutes before it shuts down a lot of PROFESSIONAL videographers wouldn't be able to get off the floor to even check the rest of the specs because they would be laughing so hard.

  27. mark london

    I also was taken in and thought this was the actual announcement.

    I think there's a strong market for a 4:2:2 camera in this pricepoint.
    It's NOT a RED of any kind. A RED will still do things (its hard to shoot less than 120fps once you start, RAW, genuine 2k+) that this won't do.

    But a 30+MP full frame camera with 4:2:2 video, (and yes 1080p 60fps) for @$3k?

    That's a gigantic amount of camera for the money. From a stills perspective, I'm not sure what more you're going to need for 99% of work. I've shot stills with a RED, and its great, but its not simple, and is similar to working with an older medium format camera.
    For video, I can shoot good-looking features and broadcast docs NOW with my 5D/T2i rig. Now you give me some colourspace and less moire? And all my lenses, FF, mounts and tripods work?

    I also agree with Emm that no swivel screen is good, and I agree with the poster above that the 7D is actually a better buy than a 5D Mark II for video. I miss mine. I sold it ages ago, and I shouldn't have.

    The REDs are a great camera. So are the Canons. So is the Alexa. They are all actually value for money.


  28. Ryan

    Being a video guy myself using the 5DM2 and renting the 60D once I sure liked the swivel screen for low shots and slider dolly applications. Made for fast setup. That's one of my only gripes the 5D doesn't have, but not that bad really.

    Well I take that back... My biggest gripe is no firmware update for 60p on the 5D (but we all know we're not getting that update).

    I REALLY hope they've improved on the video side of things. They are in desperate need of some work on that end.

  29. Joshua Lawrence

    You know what...

    If we can shoot 1920 x 1080 at 24 frames a second with 13 stops of Dynamic Range, with RAW video... Sweet Heavenly Father.... I would do something strange for a piece of change! The swivel screen not being there... THANK GOD! As a photographer also... I don't want an articulating screen... They should have left that on the 6oD alone. I'm going to say one thing though... I planned on buying a 5D MKII, since I already own a 7D and T2i, but if I do get the 5D and the MKIII comes out within 2-3 months of me getting the MKII... I'll cry!

    I heard rumors that there will be an option to shoot Full HD 2K footage at 24p alone. What does anyone else think about this rumor....?

  30. The swivel screen on my 60D is the reason I bought the camera over the 7D and 5D. For $100 I have a video viewfinder that works. That beats $400 for a finder and $800 for a EVF. They require cables and batteries that I don't need. As a still photographer I use liveview for a quieter camera that does not have mirror vibration. I do all my time-lapses as well in liveview. It is easier to focus manual focus lenses in LV. Would not leave home without it.


  32. @Nitsan both both version of the 5D have been Full frame, I doubt they will not choose it again, thats what catergory the 5D 1 and 2 stand in.

    @frank suero - No matter how long it takes for the Scarlet read to come out it is still comparing apples to grapes.
    These cameras are not full resolution. Yeah you get 4000 x ??? in picture mode but in video mode you are lucky to even come close to 1080P, which is not even 1080P. Images look amazing and yes we use it all day and in movies like Captain America worded great.

    The Scarlet is a beast at what it will do if it ever comes out, but when it does even if years later with its current spects it will beat by leaps and bounds what we currently have now.

    Features such as: RAW, 2 3 OR 4K (WHO KNOWS) 120FPS at 2K.
    even the option of taking a frame from the video capture and using it as a print. and I dont mean just a freeze frame I mean a beautiful detailed image as all the latest covers for GQ are being shot on RED VIDEO CAMERAS.

    Canons are still cameras that can shoot video.
    Reds and Video cameras that can shoot pictures.

    Not being a fan boy since I own 3 5D2 and a partnership in a couple reds but have to be fair.

  33. Darius

    Most "professional" video cameras have either an articulating screen or an adjustable viewfinder, if Canon wants to appeal to the video market they should keep the articulating screen intact or sturdy up the design, but don't eliminate it because you don't trust me not to break it. (On second thought...)

    Either way, I can't wait for the new 5D and thanks for the info!!!

  34. can't wait!
    i wonder if MKII prices will drop and by how much. πŸ™‚

    it better have a full frame sensor or there will be some pissed off photograpeople.. πŸ˜›

  35. 5D Mark III? maybe by february we will rushing to get a 4:2:2 color space camera, no Raw, but powerfull. Sensor? may be the same upgraded to better color reproduction and less battery ussage.

    About the Flip LCD, EMM i agree with you 100%, who is ussing the actual screen in video, canon knows where to go with this camera for video.

    It will be interested to see this camera go up on the film industry and just make the red scarlet obsolete before it even comes out.

    I will like to see a replacement for the 7D even better. Have anyone seen the Zacuto camera test? for about 1000 less you can get a wonderfull camera, just imagine a upgraded version.

  36. getem

    No swivel screen is a big No No...... Many times especially when shooting guerilla you're not going to have everything with you......

    Would have really liked if they had a swivel screen......

  37. Mickey Jones

    You freaked me out! I thought this was a new product announcement. Throw a question mark on the end of that headline and prevent a few skipped heartbeats. πŸ˜›

    No swivel screen makes sense to me on a camera in the position that the 5D is in. Still it would be useful for us video guys.

    At a minimum, I hope they include the video related 7D improvements such as a dedicated record button.

  38. Hey Emm, do you think it will support SD cards instead? I hope so as this is one of the reasons I'm holding back from buying a 5D II.

  39. Bronx

    Emm you're gonna cause some pandemonium in here! Hope the next step up in technology will be the same as when the 5d Mark II first came out.

  40. Matt N

    Big question for me is if they're gonna make any significant improvements for the video side of things...

    After all, it's not a motion picture camera, but they sure sell a heck of a lot of 'em for that reason.

  41. Amused Observer

    Re: the "articulating" screen ... I also thought it made for a less than robust design which is why I bought the t2i instead of the 3.

    And just a suggestion:

    All Cheesycam regulars who plan on buying the 5d Mk III (or 1d Mk 5 or whatever the nomenclature may be), be sure to get it thru Emm's B&H link on his "About" web page as a way to somewhat give back for all the great work he does for the community. I know I will.

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