Survey: Best Sony Style Camcorder Batteries?

If you've purchased a Field HDMI Monitor, on-camera LED light, or even Studio LED Paanel, chances are you've had to buy a set of Sony NP-F series: NP-F550/F570/F770/F960/F970, NP-FM series: FM50/FM51/FM55H/FM500H, NP-QM series: QM50/QM51/QM71D/QM91D or similar type of battery.

Sony NPF battery L SeriesSony NP-F7704177VBY5W9L._AA160_Sony NP-F770 Camcorder Battery

These Sony style batteries are becoming more and more popular, and with plenty of aftermarket versions available at every online retailer, i'd like to hear which ones you've purchased recently and what your feedback is on the batteries you're using. I'm sure many of us could use some good information, so please share your comments and links below, thanks guys!

17 thoughts on “Survey: Best Sony Style Camcorder Batteries?

  1. Archie

    Why are V-Mount ones so expensive? I have not used any (as I don't have any equipment that use those)

  2. Jtoha

    F970s from eBay had been working well for me, mainly using them to power my LED lights.

  3. @nate Bummer. I bought 2 in February and have used continuously to power small LED lights with no noticeable problems. Are you using the Sony charger?

  4. nate

    @ronn i'm glad you had better luck because those same amazon batts dumped out on me after about a week...

  5. Satva

    I would like to see this same thread on V mount batteries!

    I know this is for aftermarket, but I have always been able to find the Sony NPF770 for reasonable prices, this one is $40 below. I like this med size battery as the small ones run out a bit quicker but the bigger 970's are too bulky to put on accessories.

  6. Barry

    Curious to know what batteries people are using for the smallhd AC7. I have a few NP-550s for my light rig and I'd like to stick with them for the monitor. Thanks

  7. Alex

    Stay away from Zeikos (Lithium Energy). Their batteries don't have the advertised capacity.

  8. Rob S.

    That's my experience, too, with the Wasabi and Maximal batteries. About 2/3rds capacity and decently reliable so far. I use them for my evf and LED lights. I think when you buy any Chinese battery, even the more well known brands like the ones I mentioned, you have to be prepared to get a dud or two in the mix every once in a while.

  9. I just bought three of the 970-size Wasabi ones. So far they seem to have about 2/3 the capacity of the Sony 970, at about 1/3 the price. This is a totally non-scientific estimate though. Side note - I bought them for monitor and LED panels, but the battery level displays seem to read fine in the FS700.

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