Slider Tips and Mounting Solutions – Going Vertical

slider-mounting-tripod (2 of 5)

First few hours with the new budget camera slider, and trying to figure out the best way to to use it. Here's what I came up with. First thing you need to know, is that the slider requires a tripod head of some sort. If you've been following my Spider Trax dolly project, I went through quite a few different inexpensive heads before I settled with the 717AH. To prevent vibrations you need a good beefy mount between the camera and the slider. The 717AH was very heavy duty, but still the cheapest thing I could find that still served as an actual video Fluid Head. If you don't have a good solid head, check out the 717AH for this type of project.

Next up, grab yourself a good pair of sticks. I have a pair of Manfrotto Carbon Fiber's but I wouldn't trust it with a slider like this. You can go with lighter sticks, but make sure you have two of them (one each side). If you're like me and want to stick with one Tripod, here's something that's very solid, and cheap. This FT9901 has the same beefy legs as my WF717's, but because it's not the same head, it's way cheaper. Having a quick release adapter under the slider is heaven sent. Without a quick release plate you'll be spinning a 3 foot rail around in circles trying to unwind it and could also damage your threads when the weight is shifting. Get yourself a good mounting solution! With a Ball Mount Tripod head it's also the perfect way to Level your camera slider without having to fiddle around with each individual leg.

slider-mounting-tripod (3 of 5)slider-mounting-tripod (4 of 5)

For this slider, part of it's marketing allure is the fact that you can mount it vertically at it's furthest end points. I did try this, but I found that it was much more stable and easier to just tilt the Tripod Head attached under the slider. Another huge reason why I suggest you go with a good solid tripod and tilt head as the foundation for your new slider. Vertical slides mimic a Crane shot, and here's a compact way of getting that rarely seen vertical camera movement.

slider-mounting-tripod (1 of 5)

If you attached the quick release plate in the other direction, then you can even mount this thing sideways (if you had to). They say two heads are better than one, and for getting your slider level and positioning it in different ways, I say that's true. Inexpensive, heavy metal legs, and a ball head mount for quick leveling make this Tripod a great inexpensive foundation for your new slider. And when it's not used for the slider, it's still a great inexpensive Tripod to have around.

[Update] There is a new version of the Konova slider available including a Crank Pulley and Motorized Upgrade. Article found here:

find-price-button Konova video Camera Rolling Bearing DSLR Slider

find-price-button Video Camera Tripod with Fluid Drag Pan Head FT9901SLV

find-price-button Fluid Drag Tripod Head 717AH

113 thoughts on “Slider Tips and Mounting Solutions – Going Vertical

  1. Jon

    Thanks for this article. I was looking for a combo suggestion like this to go with the Konova slider. However, I would love to find a good combo where the quick release plate that is on the camera (from fluid head) matches the plate that is on the tripod supporting the slider. Any ideas for this?

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Allen - That ball head will be pretty good for a short slider, but when the weight gets to the end, it could sag. The larger the video head the better, but the inexpensive heads aren't very fluid for panning. Still they will be better for carrying weight.

  3. Emm - thanks a million for not only writing the article but responding to all the questions. I have tried several things to mount my Konova K2 slider to my tripod and have it stable but so far I've failed. I tried to do a heavy duty ball mount between my tripod and the slider:
    And it seems the quick release plate for the ball head is wobbly from side to, if I were to get another 717 head to use between the slider and the tripod, you're finding that it's solid - like no wobbly motion? I'm using a 717 between the slider and the camera, but without having a stable connection to the tripod, it's like having a see-saw!

  4. Cleve

    I'm having trouble attaching my tripods QR plate to my K2 slider? The QR screw will not screw into the hole under the slider. However, it will screw through the same hole if you're going through the opposite direction on top of the slider? I'm so confused. It seems like it should be a simple thing to do, bit it's not. Was mine built incorrectly? I'm using the same tripod that's mentioned in the article...

  5. Paul Abraham's

    I own the Manfrotto 0055XB tripod with the 128RC fluid head. I'm looking to change the head. This head is not very stable for mounting a slider let alone a camera as it only has support on one side. I also have the Manfrotto 561BDV head monopod, straight away I noticed they take different size QR plates. Lol

    I'm looking for 2 heads, a main fluid head for the tripod and another for the Konova slider. 2 QR's one for camera and one for the slider.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Julius - You could get a ball head, but you'll need a very strong one. If you want to use a lighter tripod, you'll need two. One for each end.

  7. Julius

    Hi Emm,
    Thanks for this recommendation..and the desire to answer all these questions. You definitely get an A+ and an applause!

    I've been searching hours on hours for a slider and I think this one will work best for my situation.

    Here's my 2 questions.

    1. Can I just get a good ball head instead of 2 fluid heads? (I want to mount it both vertically and horizontally)

    2. I think the recommended tripod will be too heavy for me to carry. I shoot weddings and only weight 120 pounds. I might need to go with a lighter tripod. Is the only problem that the slider will tilt at the end of the rail?

    (I shoot with a 7d)

    Thank you!

  8. I've had a real problem trying to get the slider stable on just one tripod and ended up just using two tripods with one on each end. It takes a bit longer to set up but is so much more stable. Also noticed the Zsa Zsa slider is a very reasonable alternative to all these other sliders floating around. Also, when sliding the slider, I noticed it works better if you attach a strong rubber band to a string, fastening the rubber band side to the camera base (this takes up slack without jarring), and using the string to pull the slider versus using your hand.

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @Grace - For the links you provided, those are only available in bowl mount. It is available in plastic legs or metal legs. Make sure you get the metal leg version. This bowl mount tripod has no issues with the 4ft jib, we use it all the time as seen in this video

    For a fluid head on top of the Konova slider, the 717AH threaded mount will work httpss://
    And the Velbon is also a good start (although might be out of stock right now): httpss://

  10. Grace

    Emm--I know that tripod can hold the slider no problem--but my concern was the jib plus gear. But which is it...I've read both that it can hold 13 pounds or 27? And I still need to get another 717 head right? So I can mount the slider / jib on the head and for the slider specifically, will need another head on top too?

    Lastly--And that tripod --are there 2 versions --bowl or no bowl? Thanks so much would love to see more of your work!

  11. Emm

    Post author

    @Grace - The tripod legs usually are rated much much higher than the fluid heads since they don't need to tilt or pan. The structure of the legs are strong. If all you are looking for is a strong tripod for a 4ft. jib, that one should do. Just make sure the head is always level and locked down tight. I use this tripod all the time.

  12. This slider its amazing. First of all it came in 4days after I order! Super fast shipping speed. Great build quality and lots of possibilities. One application I found out is to use it with the articulate arm to mount my 5" monitor on it!
    Also using fluid head on top and bottom gives you unlimited smooth motions, I shoot a lot of live event and this gives me more angle options when I need to stick in one position (Most clubs I shoot are packed) 5 star to Konova!

  13. Fitz

    FYI - I picked up a Konova slider and dolly on the 10th, and just arrived today on the 14th! Looks like the long processing mentioned by some has been worked out.

  14. Emm

    Post author

    @Fitz - The problem is when the camera gets to the end of the slider, the leverage of it will topple most tripods. You might be able to get away with a light pair of sticks if you can hang a bag in the center (some tripods have hooks for this).

  15. Fitz

    This may be a dumb question, but could a Gitzo 1541t handle this slider? I realize that there is a tremendous weight difference between the two, but looking for sticks that can travel and still support this. Price is not really a concern if I can find something that is a fair trade-off in portability.


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  17. Emm

    Post author

    @Andy Shrestha - If you remove the head, the slider could mount to the tripod. The problem you would face is the weight of the camera when it reaches the end. You'll really need to weigh down that tripod to keep it from tipping.

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  19. Emm

    Post author

    @Tim - There is nothing more than screwing it onto the carrier. Try adding a bit of cork in between the head and carrier to provide more friction.

  20. Emm,
    Is there more to attaching the 717AH to the slider than screwing it on the one screw on the slider? When I try to pan it unscrews the head from the slider! The pan knob is unlocked.

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  22. Bill

    Emm, I love your reviews, you wisely cut through the mud like a samurai.

    I'm really liking my new 504HD fluid head am I now right in thinking this does not easily unscrew for mounting on the slider, let alone attempting a vertical shot?

    I bought a $5 swivel ball extension on ebay that seems to the job, but a little shaky.

  23. Emm

    Post author

    @Allen Lin - I don't know of any quick release adapter for any of these heads. It sucks, but people have even added a QR adapter on top of the fluid head just to make workflow easier.

  24. Allen Lin

    HI Emm,

    Had the same question almost the same as Chris above.

    @Chris - I just got both the 717AH and the 9901 (both came branded as Fancier). The the quick release plates aren't compatible with each other.

    @Emm - Are there any heads/quick release plates compatible with the 9901. Wanted a way to move from slider to free hand and then tripod (w/o slider) with lightning speed. Hope I'm not too confusing on that one.

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  26. Hi Emm, I searched your blog for the 9901 Fancier tripod and came up with this post as a result.

    My question is-- is the 9901 quick-release plate fully compatible with the 717AH's quick-release? I prefer the look of this 9901 tripod over the 717AH (the full system). I have a 717AH fluid head with my Zaza Slider and works great, but I am looking for a tripod with an identical quick-release system for going from the slider to a tripod.

    Let me know ASAP, if you could.. thanks!

  27. Emm

    Post author

    @Justin - What's the bottom fluid head and Do you have a photo or video of the setup? I can't really tell what you mean. Thanks.

  28. Justin

    I bought the slider. I mounted the slider directly to my tripod. Then, I placed the 717AH fluid head on the slider and attached my camera to the fluid head. However, with this setup, I was not able to do the vertical shots. I've read what you said, and that you actually put two fluid heads (one b/w slider and tripod, and one on the tripod). But this didn't work for me. What I am doing wrong here? The camera will not sit level because the knobs on the head interfere with the slider. What is the workaround here? Should I use a ball head instead of a fluid head?

    Would you recommend using a ballhead or a fluid head for the vertical shots?

  29. entienne01

    @Ryan P. You should try the Calumet (Manfrotto 577 knock-off) tripod base & plate that Emm reviewed recently. I attached my Manfrotto 577 base plate to the slider plate. You'll need some sort of rubber washer in between in between the 2 plates to add a little more friction and so you can line it up straight. Then attach the tripod plate to your tripod head. Hope that helps!

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  32. Kenswift

    @Emm. Yeah, I did purchase them. They forgot to ship them though 🙁 Sent them an email. I am sure they will fix it up. You should have gotten a cut Emm. I think he sold close to 300.

  33. Emm

    Post author

    @Kenswift - The light stand adapters are optional. Unless you purchased it separately, they do not come with the slider.

  34. Kenswift

    Got my slider today. The packaging was horrible. It looked like it has been through a war. I took a bunch of pics because I thought for sure my slider was toasted. It even had a sign from the USPS saying they got it damaged. The bag to the slider was exposed through several huge holes and the wrapping was wet and so was one end of the slider... The good news is, this slider is such a bad ass that it was in great shape and works fine. They did forget my light stand adapters which I am going to address but its not bent and fluid as hell! I got the 120CM version and havent actually tested it yet. Will keep you posted! Thanks EMM!

  35. Pete McK

    My limbo ended today. Ordered 1/16, shipped on 1/31, Slider arrived 2/07. Solid piece of gear, not cheesy at all, shouldn't even be on cheesycam. 😉

  36. Sintillator

    I've got to echo spaceflows. I ordered on 1/18 waited until 1/28 with no further communication. Sent a "Where's my item" message and within an hour received a short response with a shipping tracking site & number. While it appeared that my contact prompted the shipping it could equally have been a coincidence. Arrived 7 days later (not unusual for overseas) on 2/4. Build quality solid and received everything as expected. My rail looked as though it was treated roughly or fell during production as there are a number of unusual nicks & scratches all over it. None of which affect function in anyway. So for the $ I'll join the pack and say you definitely get what you pay for but it isn't necessarily going to be 3 to 5 business day shipping. - Cheers

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  39. spaceflows

    Like Aaron, I received my slider (1 meter version, almost - 98cm actually) yesterday. I am very impressed with the build and slides, it is the 4 bearing version and I'm not noticing the shakiness reported by others. I'm using the 717AH and 4" filmtools riser and it looks really nice. Haven't messed with tightening stuff down yet. For all those concerned about delivery times, I paid for mine on 1/10, so Emm is right in stating that it can take a little while, but the goods do eventually arrive.

  40. Aaron

    Hi all, I just got mine today. This is my first slider ever. Very excited. I think I got the 4 bearing one. There are 2 screws to be adjusted (instead of one as the the instruction that came with it). For those who got the 2 screws slider, hope you can help with the adjustment: Does the screw (closer to the middle) adjust the shakiness of the plate and the other screw (closer to the side)adjust the tightness of the slide?
    Btw, love the build of the slider. The big bonus is that the carrying bag is very professional looking with side zipper.

  41. Emm

    Post author

    @312elements - Overseas shipping can take a while especially when going through customs. No control over that. I would give it some time. I've had packages take up to two months before it landed and the package was shipped right away. You should get it.

  42. My video slider is also in limbo. I received an email on Sunday saying that it had been sent to the shipper and tracking information would be available on Monday. I sent an email today requesting a tracking number or I would open a paypal dispute.

  43. Pete McK

    I ordered on the 16th and have yet to get any notice about shipping. Written twice in last week, but get an auto-reply about being out for the Korean New Year. Anyone else in limbo?

  44. entienne01

    I received my slider today and posted some initial thoughts in Emm's previous review. I'm working on a video review and will get that up as soon as I can.

  45. Emm

    Post author

    @matt - Actually theres already tons of Vimeo video reviews and YouTube videos. Just search for Konova slider.

  46. matt

    There is still a lack of information about this product. I would have thought that someone would have put up an in-depth review given the hype that there was before it came out. I'm not saying that Emm should do a review of it but I thought that at least someone would. Maybe some test shots? I really want to buy this thing but there just isn't enough solid info out there saying that it is completely worth it. If not a video review maybe a solid list of pro's and con's. I donno just a thought. Does anyone else feel the way I do???

  47. Emm

    Post author

    @Chris Wilmshurst - Overseas stuff sometimes takes a while. I think i've waited over 2 months for something before. LOL.

  48. Chris Wilmshurst

    My slider still hasn't turned up! ordered on the 10th. shipped on the 19th, and been stuck in customs for 3 days 🙁

  49. thuan

    Anxiously waiting for my slider; order the longer version so I'll post some info once it arrive and I have a chance to test it out. Just received the Fancier 717AH head today & on the front side it says 'Fancier' instead of Weifeng; is there a difference? I'll eventually get a tripod w/head but wanna make sure I get the original one & not a knock-off. Love the site!!!

  50. Emm

    Post author

    @J Toha - I suggest using a Fluid head underneath and using the Quick Release from that fluid head. This way you can tilt the slider too if needed.

  51. J Toha

    Sorry if I'm asking twice, but what QR adapter do you put below the slider when mounting it on tripod, Emm? I wanna get the Manfrotto RC2 (its the cheapest heh) but concerned might be too small or it wont be able to support the slider effectively.

  52. Leo Telles

    Thanks emm. Last question, i'm seeing 717AH from EL, WF and Fancier, and the look the same. They're really the same?

  53. Leo Telles

    Yes it is, but i'm buying the 717ah head already to replace it. I'm pretty impressed with the WF717 tripod, and for 138 dolars it's pretty good. My only concern is about carrying around at a wedding, it's too heavy?

    The tripod comes with 717 head, it is any different than 717AH?

    You know if there's too much difference on quality between this kind of tripod with 'double' legs on each leg and the one's like mine with the parts of the legs collapsing inside of the bigger part of the leg?

  54. Emm

    Post author

    @Leo - yes it comes with the quick realease on the head, and the legs on the tripods I'm using seem beefier than the velbon. Never used the velbon though, but isn't the head mostly plastic?

  55. Leo Telles

    I mean, it's better buy this new tripod with fluid head or just buy two of 717AH would be better?

  56. Leo Telles

    Hi emm, i have this Velbon dv7000 ( and looks very beefy to me. I also work with weddings, do you think worth sell mine and buy this tripod that ePhoto tripod? My only concern is if will be way more difficult to carry around at the weddings. What do you think? Because it's gonna be way easier to put the slider on and off, keep screwing that thing is a pain and time consuming.

    the tripod already comes with the quick release plate isnt it? or i must buy it separately?


  57. J Toha

    I may have been given the wrong info by the ebay seller that WF717 head and legs are 60mm bowl type. According to Amazon, it's 75mm bowl, making it compatible with other 75mm bowl fluid heads.

    Emm, about QR adapter, do you reckon Manfrotto RC2 is good enough to be put below the slider? It looks pretty small to support the Konova slider.
    I've been trying to get ahold of the cheaper ATH-H95A adapter but it's pretty much non-existent everywhere since you posted it lol.

  58. Received my slider today. My one has four bearings as they said, though not sure exactly what the specific benefit is.

    I actually found the slider a bit on the heavy side (although I have nothing to compare it to), can imagine being very selective of when I take it out. Works perfectly though, and my initial impression is that it was an excellent buy - thanks emm.

    I'm off on a shoot, so I'll hopefully get to find out just how good it really is.

  59. Emm

    Post author

    @Simon - With the Tripod I have it's very solid all the way to the end. Of course, unlike some people, I stuck to the smaller rail. Some people chose to go with longer ones.

  60. Emm

    Post author

    @J Toha - I'm not in the studio today, I can check again later. Didn't try swapping them around.

  61. Emm

    Post author

    @simon - The Brake is just for braking. There is another way of adjusting friction, it's in the manual that it comes with.

  62. simon

    I'm sorry i missed the answer above about adjusting the friction with a tool
    I was still hoping that you can adjust it on the fly with the brake
    also have you tested how it is with the camera all the at the end center mounted does the slider give or does it stay solid without lateral movement
    thanks a lot

  63. simon

    can you control the resistance with the brake ?
    or is not meant for that and it only works completely loose?
    Also can you try using it like a small jib?
    Last what the length of the slider?
    thanks and keep up the good work

  64. J Toha

    Emm, I was actually referring to the legs. I was told from an ebay seller that the top of WF717 sticks are 60mm bowl while 9901 sticks is a 75mm bowl.

    I've already got WF717 head (thanks to your recommendation), I'm aware that it has a 3/8" thread hole underneath. I was guessing when purchases together as a kit (head n legs), they provide a leveling adapter knob below the bowl, but maybe I'm mistaken?

    Think I just want to find out which tripod legs (WF717 or 9901) can be paired in the future with other fluid heads (possibly 504HD or Libec) as an upgrade.

  65. Emm

    Post author

    @J Toha - I have one as a bowl mount to level the slider, the other is just a regular mount on top of the slider. They are two different mounts and can't be swapped.

  66. J Toha

    Btw, I was told that the wf717 tripod is a 60mm bowl type while the 9901 you listed is a 75mm one. If I buy the former, do you reckon I can still mount a 75mm fluid head if I do decide to purchase one next time? I'm not aware of any adapter that can do so.

    Gotta consider the options as both tripod systems cost about the same after international shipping :/

  67. J Toha

    Yep bought one as well. I just hope my income keeps up with all the purchases I've made (and possibly gonna make) through cheesycam lol.

    Love what you do in this blog, Emm 🙂

  68. Harlan

    WOW 75 of these sold since you posted your auction. Im not sure if that includes the first batch or not but damn thats some coin. Mine is on order and I also ordered the fluid head you guys have been raving about through your link. I went the 120CM because I thought bigger would mean better and I have a little indislider mini and its just too small. From what your saying looks like I might have went to big... Anyway...think you can put up some shots with the new slider at different angles? Would love to see how smooth they are.

  69. Emm

    Post author

    @Leo - Did you catch the video? I could roll this thing side to side with a flick of my fingers. There's no way an Indi can even move an inch like that. I have both in studio, and this definitely rocks..

  70. Alfonso

    Wow, duh...thanks Emm! It does look like a great tripod/fluid head on a budget! I also bought a flycam nano & Cheap A.S.S. shoulder support and had my hardware man make a special rod to hookup the flycam to the shoulder support...will send you video/pics!

  71. Emm

    Post author

    @Alfonso - I mount the slider on top of the Fluid head. Basically you'll need two fluid heads. One under the slider, one for the top. This will give you a quick release adapter under the slider and also allow you to tilt and level the slider. You're going to need a tripod + fluid head + 1 more fluid head.

  72. Alfonso

    "@John – they are the exact same legs. So very very sturdy. Since you don’t need to pan ‘under’ the slider, the cheaper tripod works great and had large clamp knobs. If you’re looking for both a stand and fluid head to pan with, the WF717 would work great."

    Hi Emm,

    I'm really looking into the same tripod combo that John listed as well

    But its a ball mount...I don't understand how it can mount onto the Konova slider? I have a crappy indislider mini deluxe right now and I don't see how a ball mount will mount onto it? If I understand, the 717 fluid head that you have isn't a ball mount?

    Why can't they just provide the combo with the legs that's not a ball mount!!

    Love your website, on it everyday.

  73. Emm

    Post author

    @John - they are the exact same legs. So very very sturdy. Since you don't need to pan 'under' the slider, the cheaper tripod works great and had large clamp knobs. If you're looking for both a stand and fluid head to pan with, the WF717 would work great.

  74. Emm

    Post author

    @Matty - The tools that come with it are to adjust friction. It was mentioned in my earlier post too. Friction can be adjusted in the bearings.

  75. matty

    the only thing i can see that might be a prob on this slider is the lack of resistance control. It looks to always be set at a relatively loose resistance. That could be a problem because i really like nice slow controlled camera moves. Emm do you have any take on this issue? What on your though on the resistance?

    by the way... i love this frickin blog!!

  76. Mr. Y

    Funny cause I was going to ask the same exact question. Is there another mount you would recommend to switch out on that tripod when using the crane? Says its recommended for 13 pounds, and the crane weighs more than that so is a dedicated pedestal best or does it make much difference? now im way off on the topic...

  77. Emm

    Post author

    @Aberz - Yes and No. The head and tripod are very strong, but because it's a ball mount, it might slip under weight. I dont suggest using ball mounts for Cranes.

  78. Aberz

    Emm,sorry for offtopic.

    Do you think the tripod+head combo above could support the ebay crane you introduced. I already ordered the crane stand from ProAM but draging around multiple tripod for destination shoot is PITA.

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