Sirui T-1205X Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod G10 Ball Head wanted to share this review on this Sirui portable Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod + G10 Ball Head that can fold down to just 15" inches, but can extend to over 51" inches. 15" can just about fit in a decent backpack and would be great for keeping a still camera steady for photos. This setup is not something you would use for fluid video movements, but it's possible to lock off a shot with this if you're just doing a static video angle.

I've heard of the brand Sirui before, but i'm personally not familiar with this exact model Tripod + G10 Ball Head. It seems like a pretty decent unit and popular system that one seller has already sold 79 units of even at a price of $270+. Here's the link to the exact product via eBay (Click Here)

Sirui Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod G10 Ball Head
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7 thoughts on “Sirui T-1205X Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod G10 Ball Head

  1. johnson

    Received the Sirui T-1005X, oh boy this thing makes me happy. Exactly half the length of my Fancier Aluminum tripod and feels like 1/10 of the weight. The CF version is lighter in specs, but already how light this is and how small it is. I can fit this into the other row of my Pelican 1514 case, while the narrower row has 2x GH3, 12-35mm, 35-100mm, batteries, EOS adapters and a 50 prime. Seriously considering a 2nd one now.

  2. johnson

    I just ordered the aluminum version of this as CMG posted. I had the Fancier snap lock tripod for the longest time and will appreciate the lighter weight. Taking this to a family trip next month and will put it to the test. I might go with a Fancier/Weifeng ball head on it as well.

  3. Josh

    I bought this tripod and head last year. I do a lot of traveling and day hiking. Fits great in my Lowelpro PhotoSport AW 200 backpack. The head is a little weak but I switched it out with a 496RC2 Compact Ball Head with 200PL-14 QR Plate. Adds about 1lb. Always nice to have a tripod with you just in case you need it. I tend to not use the last set of legs on the tripod. They are a little weak. But you can put the height of your tripod around 40' and feel good about walking away with my camera on top.

    More or less. This is a great guy to throw in your bag for traveling and/or hiking. Strong, small, and fun.

  4. Content Media Group

    I'm constantly on the prowl for smaller, lighter and better ways to steady a shot. Since I travel a lot, space is always an issue. I have the Sirui T-1005X ($117), the aluminum version of the T1205X. Same specs, just 7 oz heavier on my back, but $164 heavier on my wallet! To me, it's not worth it. The 1005X is quite the champ. I strap-on a small Manfrotto fluid head (700RC2) and -bam- I'm in business! Of course, it's not a Miller set-up, but it's a great tool when you can't travel with your pro sticks.

    A close second would be the Oben AT-3400 ($150). It's a tad longer when folded, only handles 6lbs and is $33 more than the Sirui. Plus, it doesn't feel as sturdy.

    Bottomline: After doing a lot of research, I went with the 1005X and am quite happy. The fact it folds down to under 14" is awesome! I wouldn't rely on it to produce rock-solid steady panning moves (not saying it can't-conditions have to be right), but for locked-off interviews or static beauty shots, it's great. [Need to contact Sirui to collect my commission check 😉 ]

  5. carbon fiber is deceptively strong. i've got a benro travel angel set, and that thing can carry more than 3 times my satchtler ace. the little ball head which looks much like this one, can support way more than the ace head. no kidding.

  6. Alex

    I saw one of these yesterday and it was essentially featherweight. I think it would be great to get two to put under a slider for remote field work. I have several large video tripods and find that I usually use my light weight Benro tripod with that great Chinese video head that Emm first told us about. Makes a great combo. This tripod is too small for that video head but I think in a pair would hold a slider well. And it looks like the QR plate is a standard Arca Swiss, which is what we have on everything now.

  7. Chris Bernard

    I almost bought one of these but would up getting an Oben from B&H. There was an instant rebate at the time that made it the same price. In looking at pictures the Sirui looks to be almost identical. I'd be dubious about the thing supporting 22 pounds but my Oben is great for mirrorless cameras and even support a DSLR and a fluid head like the Manfrotto 701. It's small enough that I pretty much always bring it with me.

    I'd probably look closely at the Sirui versus the Oben based on current pricing.

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