Save $500 Now BlackMagic Design Production 4K Instant Rebate

If you've been holding out on picking up a BlackMagic Design Production 4K Camera, today DVEStore has an Instant Rebate knocking $500 off the original price. What appeals most about this camera as opposed to the other 4K options is it's Global Shutter, ability to shoot CinemaDNG RAW, or ProRes 422.

As you may have heard, Blackmagic Design has been very busy rolling out several new firmware updates on all of their cameras to continuously improve the systems. The new interface and features developed into the new firmwares make them feel like entirely different cameras from their first release. This recent discount of $500 OFF makes for an amazing price on a camera that offers far more features than anything else available for just under $2500. Limited time and for more information check out the product page at the DVEStore (click here).

Blackmagic Cinema Camera 4KBlackmagic_Design_Production_Camera_4K_left_side_view__55035.1405338868.1280.1280
find-price-button BlackMagic Design Production 4K Instant Rebate

2 thoughts on “Save $500 Now BlackMagic Design Production 4K Instant Rebate

  1. Just picked mine up from B&H, no tax and free shipping:-) Came with a hot shoe adapter. I was just about to pick up the Sony A7s, but the $500 was the decisive factor since that's the cost for the extras I would need to purchase.

  2. Antonio Pantoja

    I bought one from Adorama just now that included the external Switronix battery for just a bit more. Awesome deal. Thanks for posting. I just bought the a7s last night. This always happens to me, I swear. Big win for consumers.

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