CAME-TV 8000 Heavy Duty 3 Axis Gimbal with RED Epic Demo

If you follow this blog, i've somewhat been in tune with several different affordable Gimbal Stabilizers such as the CAME-TV 7000/7500 and Varavon Birdycam2. The simple fact though is that if you wanted to fly any camera larger than a Canon C100 you're most likely looking into the $2999 DJI Ronin. Well CAME-TV has been teasing about a new heavy duty gimbal for a few months. Until recently the new 8000 model was only shown in drawings, but here's an actual demo with a protoype unit by MJIT Berlin.

Keep in mind what we're seeing in the video above is still a protoype unit, but the results so far look very promising. The new images show the CAME-TV 8000 with fine tuning stage, a quick release system, 15mm rail adapter for rod accessories, and a built in joystick (which the Ronin lacks BTW). For a Gimbal capable of carrying a large camera, and with an introductory price $1,000 dollars cheaper than the Ronin, this could be another popular stabilizer in the market. For more information check out the CAME-TV 8000 gimbal over at the website (click here).

Gimbal REd Epic3 axis gimbal canon c100
Came 8000canon c100 red epic gimbal came-tv
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18 thoughts on “CAME-TV 8000 Heavy Duty 3 Axis Gimbal with RED Epic Demo

  1. Mike

    Does anyone know if the CAME-8000 will work with the SONY PXW fS7? Weight wise I know it will but I cant find the length specs.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @michael P - The 8000 is a much heavier unit than the 7800. What camera are you using with this?

  3. How's the weight on this vs the 7800? We've had the 7800 for 6 weeks now and had nothing but problems and thinking about returning it and upgrading to the 8000, but because it's metal rather than carbon fiber I'm a little concerned about the weight. Thoughts?

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Daniel Hughes - Most likely mode select. I think in this version they may be offering removable handles to that you can mount it to a Jib or other product and control it remotely like a motorized pan tilt head. Won't have all the details until it's released in a few weeks.

  5. And if you look closely to the wiring on the top it looks like its solder to a pcb board that runs down the neck of the frame. and how do the top handles quick release with the wires running from the joystick and what is the other button? mode select or record stop/stop option?

  6. luke kwan

    it is simple, these gimbals were designed for quadcopters and these mfc just slapped it into a rig!

    so im waiting for a company to design something from the ground up. i'm a betting man and i would bet the farm on edelkrone! hadir, and those guys there are geniuses!

    the only problem, is they have gotten to be as expensive as any american company!

  7. SpartaBear

    Still don't get why those things (except the Letus Helix) are constructed the way they are right now (hanging under helicopter style): To get the camera to eye level you need to constantly lift them in front of your body - back problems anyone?

  8. @ juan, yes it's around 6.5 pounds with heavier lenses. but the problem is that the fs700 is longer than a red or dslr, so the weight is more "displaced" than other cameras. the length also can cause problems when monitoring or externally recording 4k, the bnc connection comes out the back of the camera. so when it's tilting down on most stabilizers the cam hits the top of the unit before it can get to a 45 degree down angle... which obviously makes it a deal breaker for crane and drone applications. but the fs700 is a very popular camera system and would be a huge market for came.

  9. freiheit

    looks like 8000 is another big 3 axis with same situation, it barely has space to fit FS700's big ass body and hard to pre-barancing for front/back. it only does work with "naked/diet" FS700 with E16/20mm pancake lens from Sony.

    wish someone has chance to try with FS700 shortly.

  10. Bento

    It's good that more of such affordable gimbal are released into the market. It will put some pressure to dji and varavon pricing. I will probably pickup the birdycam if it slide below 2k

  11. Liszon

    The look and design is definitely an improvement over the 7000-series, but it still has hair thin exposed wires. I wouldn't feel safe spending 2 grand on it as it is.

  12. julian

    Wow this looks great! I have the CAME-7000 and love it.

    Always surprised that I never see people using these gimbals in an inverted configuration (with the handles on the bottom and the camera above). I almost exclusively use my rig in that configuration, gets about the same results but significantly reduces my arm fatigue when holding the camera around eye level.

  13. hogo

    this looks promising. And with that cheese plate on top, rods on bottom, you could easily add weight to smaller cameras.

  14. Emm

    Post author

    @Josh - This is still a prototype and also it's all based on the PID settings that were setup. Possibly it's just not tuned well enough which just needs tweaking in software. These guys have sold thousands of gimbals, and so I'm confident they'll be able to release a solid product.

  15. Is it me or is there slight vibration at 1min30secs. If so then I couldn't use this professionally, if its a bug thats fixed when released then it looks like a great deal!

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