Sandisk SDHC Class 10 Media Cards

Some people swear by shooting only cards that are 8GB in capacity Max. I shoot with 32GB cards, call me a Danger Seeker. Some people shoot only Sandisk media. I personally shoot with the Transcend Class 10 or 400x Media Cards.

Regardless of anyone's rhyme or reason you can grab a Sandisk 8GB SDHC Class 10 for an awesome price over at B&H much cheaper than elsewhere. As for the Transcend 8GB Class 10 (which isn't as fast, but fast enough for video) you can find those running under $12 dollars. Links below.

find-price-button Sandisk 8GB SDHC Media Cards

transcend-8GB-class10 Transcend 8 GB Class 10 SDHC

16 thoughts on “Sandisk SDHC Class 10 Media Cards

  1. Rick

    Rob, the cards noted are all from the current Ultra and previous Ultra II series. And the cards are generally sourced from the better retailers like B&H and Adorama. Occaisionally I purchase from Staples or Best Buy but neither of those would have reason to carry cards of questionable origin like those found at Amazon marketplace or ebay. (I learned my lesson a while back about Amazon Marketplace buying a supposedly NOS Sandisk Titanium thumb drive that had to be one of the most obvious counterfiets I have ever come across) The performance of the older of the two different ultra cards noted (full black label) was still moderately acceptable. It was the newer of the ultra cards with the white writing space at the bottom of the label that I truly felt cheated based on how much I paid versus what I could get a midrange brand for with better performance.

    And ultimately I realize reliability always trumps performance in importance but since I have never had a card of any brand fail, I have begun to wonder why shell out the extra for a Sandisk.

  2. Rob

    @Rick Are you comparing apples to apples? I know that Sandisk has been frequently changing the names of its cards over the past few years. So the Ultras, Ultra IIs and Extremes of yesterday are different than cards with the same name today. It doesn't help that Amazon Marketplace sellers actually sell new and nos cards so you can find Ultras with four different transfer rates. Pretty confusing. They should have just introduced new names.

  3. Rick

    Sadly, Sandisk has lately been riding on the reputation it has built up over the years rather than the capabilities of its current production. My Class 2 Ultra II SD cards from several years ago will pack away 18 MB/s where as the current production Class 4 Ultra will only pack away 8. Even the Ultras from last summer were capable of 12 MB/s. And as I only purchase from legit sources, I trust the values I'm getting. The most recent bargain class 4 Patriot I purchased is indicating 19 MB/s coming and going and as that is about the max speed of the card reader, there is really no telling what it is capable of.

  4. Rob

    I've always stuck with Sandisk because I've never had issues with them so that's like insurance to me. I noticed that B&H has some deals on Lexar cards. Good reductions if you buy two. I've had no issues with a Lexar CF card I got with a used camera purchase.

  5. I had been a SanDisk fan for years, but over a period of time I switched to Transcend. Their cards are pretty good performance wise and they are not as expensive as Sandisk.

  6. I just got two Duracell 32 GB 600x from Amazon, after your post. I compared them to my 16 GB Ridata rated at 233x. Quick test on the 5dmkII in RAW, showed the Duracells were faster, but not by much. The Ridata would hit the buffer limit after 14 shots or so and the Duracells after 16. I don't know if there's a better test I can do, or try it with JPEGS, but I only shoot RAW anyway.

  7. I use Transcend 32's in both my 60D and T2i. Never any problems with the cards. I do have a problem with the T2i overheating from time to time when filming outside.

  8. I personally use a 32gb generic no name brand and it hasnt given me a single issue on my T2i for close to a year. As long as its class 6 you should be ok with any brand.

  9. I use 16's and 8's in my 60D...The 16's are flawless...every once in a while i get an error with the 8gb ones saying that it could not record, but I just push record a second time and it works.

  10. I have 3 16gb Transcends and 2 8gb all class ten for my 60D...I film weddings here and there so I wanted to make sure I had enough storage, but was slowly buying cards so I went with 16's instead of a 32. I have never had any problems with the 16gb cards, occasionally on the 8gb cards it will say unable to record, but i hit record a second time and it works just fine.

    I currently use one of the 8gb cards in my h4n for audio, 8gb is a little overkill for audio, but i never have to change that card and its one less thing to worry about while filming.

  11. Just bought my first transcend 8gb class 10 for my canon s95... been using it for the last four days. Great card. Super fast transfers to my computer.

  12. Oddly enough, I have 2 Transcend Class 4 16GB that have so far been very reliable and 2 Transcend 32GB Class 10 that have both corrupted on me, loosing some but not all the footage. Why the Class 4s have been more reliable I do not know????

  13. Ryan

    I love my Transcend cards. I have two 16gb (one class 6 and one class 10) cards for my T2i. Yeah, they are not as fast as the Sandisks, but I have never had a problem with either of them on 1080p/24fps or 720p/60fps. Super good deal.

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