Sachtler Ace Fluid Head Tripod

There's been a few announcements of Sachtler's latest Ace fluid head + tripod, and it's finally available for pre-order. What's all the buzz about? Well Sachtler tripod systems normally run several thousands of dollars. In fact, just a pan bar alone for a Sachtler Fluid head could run you well over $300 dollars. So it's surprising that this new Sachtler Ace Tripod system is as affordable as Manfrotto gear. With all of the incredible shrinking video cameras, my guess is Sachtler will stay in this space and produce more affordable systems going forward. There's just too much they're missing out on by staying overly high end.

So what could hold back product sales? Well for one, Manfrotto's pretty much cornered the market in Quick Release adapters. Choosing a Sachtler over a Manfrotto 501HDV tripod system like these (click here) means you'll lose the ability to move from one rig to the next with ease. Oh and hopefully the bad rap that Litepanels is having won't affect the sales of this product, because Sachtler is also a Vitec ground brand. There's already several comments about banning Vitec products since that Litepanels announcement.

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11 thoughts on “Sachtler Ace Fluid Head Tripod

  1. Shenan

    Satchler has been making tripods and heads in the sub-$1000 category for a long time. See the FSB 4, for example, a little over $600 at B&H. In fact, this ACE looks like basically a redesigned FSB 4 with a plastic body instead of a metal one. Just about the same specs and very similar look.

    Regarding one of the other comments, look up reviews of the Sachtler FSB tripods. All of them seem to be excellent.

  2. One of the best features of the Sachtler Ace is that it has a bowl mount. There is a twist-lock handle underneath the bowl mount for quick and easy leveling. I've been told they are Manfrotto quick-release plate compatible.

  3. Jive

    It could be a Manfrotto in disguise, but then what Manfrotto head has 3 steps of pan/tilt drag and 5 steps counterbalance and is a true fluid head?

    As both brands are made by the same parent company and several models from the various brands are in fact rebadges, it is likely that we'll see at least some of the features from this head trickle down in the the Manfrotto brand in due time.

  4. Chris

    My experience of Sachtler heads was that I could use the same plate when switching between a the Sachtler and a Manfrotto fluid head monopod.

  5. Retina

    Oh come on, there's boycotting with a purpose (only LitePanels), and boycotting without a clue (Vitec as a whole). Don't punish your dog for eating poo, by beating him when he's eating dog food.

  6. Aries V

    I like Manfrotto.

    I will definitely never buy a Litepanel. Not interested in any product associated with them.

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