Rokinon Cine Lens Bundled Discounts

Anyone thinking about investing in a set of Rokinon Cine Lenses could save a few bucks if purchased in one of the Rokinon Cine Lens Bundled Deals. Also a nice way to save with an organized group buy. Available bundles include variations of the Rokinon 85mm T/1.5, 35mm T/1.5, 24mm T/1.5, and 14mm T/3.1. Check out the three different offerings via eBay (click here).

Rokinon Cine Lens Bundle Deals
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17 thoughts on “Rokinon Cine Lens Bundled Discounts

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Travis Yes these lenses are fully manual, making them perfect for most budget Video shooters.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Ryan - No you can't adjust the aperture on the M43 with a Canon EF Lens unless you buy a very expensive adapter. I suggest looking into the Nikon mounts as there are more manual lenses available. I am using a Fotodiox adapter on the GH3.

  3. Ryan

    What adapter you you recommend to mount these to a GH3? Just got a GH3 this week and have not decided what adapter and what mount. I was leaning more towards Nikon mount type due finding more lens with a manual aperture ring. Are you able to adjust your aperture on your canon EF lens without having to mount to a canon body and opening then up? Am I way off? Any advice?

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Teemu - If you are going to use these lenses on Micro Four Thirds, I don't think either one makes any difference. I use my Canon EF (manual) Lenses on everything from the Canon, to BlackMagic, to GH3, to Sony NEX, etc.

  5. Damon

    Also, for anyone who doesn't want to do the math, the 4 lens bundle is 10% off what the lenses would cost individually from Amazon. So it is a deal worth jumping on if you were already planning on buying the lenses, but not such a screaming deal that I would grab them on an impulse because it was too good to pass up.

  6. Damon

    Yeah, that may be true. However, that is only 5 negative and 21 neutral ratings in the last 6 months compared to 2605 positive ratings. To me that seems to be well within the statistical probability range of acceptable defects. Nothing can be 100% with that volume of transactions.

  7. iP337

    I'm not sure about this seller, I sent them a question asking if it came in Nikon F mount since the description didn't really specify expect for listing the model number for the Canon mount variations (which could just be them having to fill in the description form with a generic number). This was two days ago, I've asked again twice and haven't heard anything back.

    Looking at their seller feedback I see some negative and neutral scores about slow shipping, slow response and even defective items. What concerns me are that there a quite a few complains with their sales of Rokinon 8mm lenses, particularly people receiving them with parts broken or "fog damage" which I assume is mold... Still, for the right price I'd be willing to gamble with them and hope my experience is better ...if they ever answer me.

  8. Hi Emm!

    I'm a bit confused about which mount should I get...

    At the moment I am a Canon owner. But have been thinking to sell Canon and buy GH3. The problem is I would like to buy these kind of lenses but those should be "future proof". I don't want these lenses to be not usable after few years if I change system (maybe something like BMCC, etc.). So if I buy GH3 should I get these lenses with four thirds mount or Nikon (Only thing about Nikon that I don't like is the reversed focus). And are all these mounts able to offer the fullframe image? If I later get speedbooster on GH3 am I able to get fullframe look from four thirds mounted Rokinon lenses?

    Hope you could figure out some of these questions. Thanks!


  9. Mike Photo

    This is the best news ever. Ive been debating which lenses to get and wishing they were sold in a set. Now I can just get all of them.

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