2013 Lilliput 663 7″ HDMI IPS LCD Video Monitor

Lilliput 2013 LCD HDMI Monitor 663

Jonas writes in and shares the latest Lilliput 663 HDMI Monitor with IPS Screen [Thanks Jonas]. The new IPS screen sports a 1280x800 HD display (cheaper monitors only display 800x480 max), has better viewing angles, and also claims to be almost twice as bright as current competing (sub $300) lcd models. The new Lilliput HDMI Monitor sports an IPS LCD Screen which falls in line with their Flagship 9.7" HDMI Monitor design (seen here) but the 663 now comes in a more professional aluminum housing.

663 HDMI IPS LCD DSLR Video Lilliput

The 663 seems to be offered in a few different versions. A basic model is simply a high resolution display, while stepping up a few dollars offers popular features of false color, focus peaking, zebra exposure, histogram overlays, etc. Some versions offer HDMI in only and more expensive options include HDMI in/out for pass through and also HD-SDI input connections for cameras like the BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera. Available in a 7" version right now (no 5"), and you can find more about the Lilliput 663 HDMI monitors via eBay (click here).

Lilliput 663 IPS LCDLilliput LCD HDMI
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25 thoughts on “2013 Lilliput 663 7″ HDMI IPS LCD Video Monitor

  1. Rauno

    Caitlyn, I have experienced the same two issues with the same model. There is actually a way of adjusting sharpness - you can assign it to one of the rotary controls (go to shortcut assignment and scroll down past bottom of the function list, sharpness and backlight are hidden on a second page. The jury's still out on the flicker issue.

  2. Caitlyn

    Have the 663/O/P2 model. Pass through works fine for me, functions seem to work (if slow), but have two real issues with monitor:
    1) The waveform monitor is always flickering (whether it is turned on or off)
    2) There is now way to adjust the "sharpness" of the monitor like you would on a desktop monitor. As a result, sharp black/white transitions (like text) have that ringing to them.

  3. Mike

    I just got one and am pretty happy with it, but it has the "3 seconds of blue screen" issue with a mk2 and mk3. I hope there's some sort of hack or software update that can fix it. The picture quality is great. I can't wait to use it in the field.

  4. Darren

    well, I'm an idiot for buying this new 663/O without realizing that what I really needed was the O/P.

  5. Steve V

    I posted an unboxing on Youtube. It had a U shaped metal frame (top and sides) around the plastic housing. It actually fooled me for a while in thinking the whole thing was metal (because of the way the plastic is "powder coated".
    I forgot to mention the pass through worked to my home theater amplifier but not my ViewSonic monitor (no idea why). I tried switching my 3' and 15' cables around and no luck. A direct connection works. I also have a 50' cable and from my AG-AC90 it won't work on the 663 but it does to my home theater and I've had the 50' work with HDMI splitters).
    @ Al I don't think it has composite pass through (just component and composite inputs).

  6. Sk8brdr

    This monitor's specs seem pretty darn close to the SmallHD 7" specs.... Wonder how good the metal enclosure is on the Lilliput... Anyone know it the Lilliput is indeed made/housed in an aluminum housing... No reviews on this monitor on YouTube yet...

  7. Alex

    I realize this is a bit off topic, but I just bought a Dell 22 inch monitor for about $160 and its very light, very portable, and has fantastic color. No, it does't have peaking, stripes, etc but to just monitor a scene, it rocks. We even got a large laptop bag for it and take in on location now. Very cheap, very light weight, seems like a really good alternative to buying a second small monitor (we already use a lilliput as well). I got the idea from Shane Hurlbut, who uses an expensive high end HP monitor for his shoots. -Alex/Singapore

  8. Steve V

    I was wondering if most of you guys have RGB parades on your cameras so you don't want/need the external monitor to have it. I am looking for RGB parade to double check quality white balance and to see if something else is way off.

  9. Scott

    Emm, has anyone released any good 10" or bigger battery powered monitors? I've got a DP4 which is perfect for on-camera focus assist and false colour, but I'm really lacking in a bigger monitor for on-location shoots.


  10. Russell


    Will this monitor work well with the 60d / 5d Mark II? Like the 5dII monitor they have now?

  11. Tony

    Wow look like Lilliput beat Feelworld to the market with 7" IPS monitor. Just was gonna an early version of it too.

  12. Derek

    This is really tempting. I've been trying to save up to get the new SmallHD 7" but this could be an immediate solution for my FS100. If anyone can comment on the aluminum build quality as that is what was really pushing me toward smallHD along with their awesome service.

  13. AndyH

    I'm waiting for a 7" Android tablet with high Res screen and HDMI input, would be great to use as external monitor and would serve a purpose when not shooting. Think I'll be waiting indefinitely though!

  14. Interesting. Was about to make the purchase on a 7 " small hd, but need to looks this over a bit to see if it's worth getting.

    Every time in the past that I've seen the image on an older lilliput model it differed too much from the image and colors on the camera lcd but maybe they've improved that over time...

  15. Chris

    Hmm...looks extremely similar to the Marshall V-LCD70, which I've been eyeing on for a while now. Which monitor do you think is the better buy Emm, considering that they're about the same price (comparing a used V-LCD70 to a new 663)? THanks!

  16. Danm it, I only bought my Lilliput 5DII/O/P a few weeks ago then this comes out!?

    that sucks.

    But this monitor looks great. I would be opting for the "663/S" model to get a monitor that features SDI In / Out as well as HDMI In / Out meaning that it will be much more versatile. One of the things I'm not a fan of with my current Lilliput is that SDI is missing, but this model would be perfect!

    For sale, one Lilliput 5DII/O/P 😛

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