Rokinon 35mm F/1.4 Lightning Deal Discount

The Rokinon 35mm F/1.4 is surely a nice lens to have in your kit - especially nice when there's a discount available. Normally about $500 dollars, today it's part of Amazon's Lightning Deals which is usually the best price you'll find anywhere. The deal was so good last time (just $350), I ended up buying a couple for my friends who missed the sale. They also only run a limited quantity during these sales so be swift. Check it out at the Lightning Deals page (Click here).

find-price-button Rokinon 35mm F/1.4 Lens

11 thoughts on “Rokinon 35mm F/1.4 Lightning Deal Discount

  1. Trey T

    WTH. I thought I checked the website at 7AM (central time) this morning.

    Doh!!! missed it again!

  2. Junior

    There is a vivitar version of this lens out...a little harder to find but I got one off amazon for $399 ....pretty close to the lightning deal price

  3. dave

    Damn! Im in new zealand and was up in the night to feed my little baby and saw your post, just missed out! sucks:(

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