Rode Introduces Two New Microphones – Built in Digital Recorder

A new Stereo VideoMic Pro, and the VideoMic HD - worlds first 'Digital Recorder Microphone'. Say what?? Yes, Rode actually has a built in Digital Recorder inside their latest VideoMic HD that saves to MicroSD. Cray right? From the looks of it, I'm guessing this will save a copy of high quality audio to it's built in Digital Recorder, and spit out a signal via 3.5mm for the DSLR to record. I think i'll just let the Rode Press Release speak for the new products - below.


ON-CAMERA Microphone
Tuesday January 17th 2012, Sydney Australia - RØDE Microphones is proud to announce the release of its latest on-camera microphone, the Stereo VideoMic Pro.


Building on the success of the VideoMic Pro, which launched in early 2011 and quickly became the defacto standard for DSLR on-camera audio, and RØDE’s original Stereo VideoMic, the new Stereo VideoMic Pro provides a high quality stereo option for videographers, and is ideal for recording music, and the atmospheric ambience essential in building a realistic audio scene.
Based around a matched pair of high sensitivity ½”cardioid condenser capsules in a coincident XY pair, the Stereo VideoMic Pro provides a wide stereo image with natural depth.


The Stereo VideoMic Pro builds on the feature set of the VideoMic Pro, with an ergonomic form factor perfectly suited to DSLR, consumer camcorders and large-sensor video cameras. The integrated shock mounting system provides superior isolation from vibration and mechanical noise that can otherwise degrade the recording quality. Additionally the lightweight yet robust multi-strand cable provides excellent acoustic decoupling from the camera and offers significantly lower noise transference than traditional audio cable.


The user friendly designed rear of the microphone body features the power and equalisation controls, including a high pass filter at 75Hz which is designed to cut out the noise generated by air conditioning, traffic and other undesirable low frequency interference.

A -10dB PAD allows the user to reduce the sensitivity of the microphone, making it suitable for recording loud sound sources such as live music or at sporting events.

Like the VideoMic Pro, the Stereo VideoMic Pro features a +20dB level boost specifically designed to provide a higher quality signal with DSLR cameras. When activated, the typically low quality camera preamp level can be reduced, resulting in a lower noise floor and much clearer recording.

“The release of the Stereo VideoMic Pro reaffirms RØDE’s category ownership of the on-camera microphone, and gives yet another tool to filmmakers, content creators and musicians” commented Damien Wilson, RØDE Microphones’ Global Sales & Marketing Director. “The audio quality of this microphone really is outstanding, and I can’t wait to hear some of the great content our customers will create with it.“

The RØDE Stereo VideoMic Pro is shipping now. For more information please visit

Tuesday January 17th 2012, Sydney Australia - RØDE Microphones is extremely proud to announce the VideoMic HD, a high-fidelity, precision RF bias shotgun microphone with integrated digital recording, designed for use with DSLR and large-sensor video cameras.

VideoMic HD FrontVideoMic HD Left

The VideoMic HD’s audio DNA is directly inherited from RØDE’s flagship NTG3 professional shotgun microphone. Incorporating the same capsule and sharing much of the electronic design of the NTG3, the VideoMic HD is a true condenser super-cardioid shotgun microphone with RF bias technology. This makes it virtually immune to RF interference and condensation that can cause other condenser microphones to fail.

Continuing its history of innovation and ‘industry-firsts’ RØDE has incorporated a high quality digital recorder into the body of the VideoMic HD. This completely removes the requirement for a separate audio recorder, while still also providing throughput of the audio signal to the camera for a superior reference audio track.

File storage is via microSD card and a microUSB port is supplied for convenient file access and possible firmware updates.


An integrated headphone jack with level control allows users to monitor their recording in real-time, while a high contrast LCD display on the rear of the microphone provides visual metering as well as basic recording control.

Audio capture and output can be configured in a number of ways thanks to the microphone’s innovative output selection. In its default mode the VideoMic HD’s audio is recorded and outputted as a dual mono signal. When in ‘safety recording’ mode, the microphone captures and outputs the standard audio signal on the right channel and a -20dB attenuated signal on the left channel. In case of unexpected boosts in the audio the user has a safety backup channel of audio that can be referenced. A third output setting allows for dual mono audio capture and a balanced signal output using the optional RØDE VXLR 3.5mm to XLR adaptor.


The VideoMic HD offers a 3.5mm mono line in that supports ‘plug in’ power, allowing for the connection of a secondary microphone such a lavalier or headset. The microphone’s fourth output mode allows the tracking of the line-in to one of the stereo channels, both on the on-board recorder and through the 3.5mm output jack.

The microphone body is constructed from rugged, lightweight die-cast aluminium and features a quick release cam lever for simple and secure mounting in any universally sized camera shoe mount.

Drawing on the design architecture of the award winning RØDE Blimp, the VideoMic HD features a unique windshield and suspension structure. The capsule and line tube are completely suspended inside the microphone, providing superior shock mounting and isolation from physical sound sources through the microphone body, and the outer geodesic structure provides strength while offering superior wind protection to foam windshields. A DeadCat VMHD furry windshield is supplied with the microphone to provide protection in high wind environments.

For more information and to register your interest to be notified when the microphone begins shipping, please visit

40 thoughts on “Rode Introduces Two New Microphones – Built in Digital Recorder

  1. scottrellwi

    I finally got sick of waiting, so I bought a videomic pro today. So tomorrow they will announce the new mics with my luck.

  2. Christian

    Kind of surprising a year has gone by and still no release on these products. Perhaps they encountered a problem? Been holding off buying a mic to see how this one turns out, but might need to bite the bullet soon on something else. C'mon Rode, stop keeping us hanging! 🙂

  3. bkpr100

    Anyone hear anything about an official release on the Videomic HD? I'm actually stalling on picking something up bcuz of this.

  4. @Rabi - this is better than running audio straight into your camera, because it can pre-amp in the mic, and lay down a clean, high-definition track on its own memory, while outputting a second signal to the camera for syncing later.

    Looking at the design, it may also have quite a few manual controls (e.g. recording quality etc.), accessible through the LCD screen and menu button above the recording button.

  5. Tony

    Damn you Rode for teasing us so far in advance. 6 months offical announcement and shipping later after that? I need this by the beginning of 2nd quarter! #discouraged.

    Wait, did someone complain about having the hit the record button twice on two devices? Guy must have never done a multi-cam shoot before lol. Use big cards 16GB+ and you hit once.

  6. Rabi

    I'm a little confused by the VMHD. One of the main points of running your audio through an outboard recorder is to get manual audio controls. I'm not seeing manual controls on this, so how is it better than running into your camera? Yes, you get headphone monitoring, but headphone monitoring is useless if you don't have manual controls.

  7. Todd

    OK, Rode is definitely the shiznit for making truly innovative products. When not recording directly in cam this thing should work nicely on the end of a boom pole with a line out to wireless Tx for convenient Rx sync track back on the camera. And a blimp?? Just awesome.

  8. MN

    Hey Max,

    I by-pass a preamp (like a Beachtech) when recording audio with a H1 or HN Zoom and it works fine with my ECM-77B's and Sen. ew100's.

    It's nice and clean.

    What mics are you using?

  9. MN

    Again, I'm curious how it handles that aux input channel:

    "The VideoMic HD offers a 3.5mm mono line in that supports ‘plug in’ power, allowing for the connection of a secondary microphone such a lavalier or headset."

    We'll see, but I have high hopes. I'll bop around the interwebs and see if I can find some more detailed specs.

  10. MN


    When shooting DSLR, I'm used to this. When I shoot with my 7D, I use an external audio recorder strapped to a shotgun mic. In post, I let PluralEyes cook with FCP for a few minutes, grab synch, and then start editing.

    With the 5D, it's even easier as I can send a good clean level right to the camera and it records nicely.

    IF, I stress the IF, this device pre-amps audio cleanly, then it's jumping to the top of my purchasing que. Why is this sort of device a good solution?

    1) Cleaner audio being recorded to the camera overall. Even if it doesn't get used in post.
    2) Secondary audio being recorded off camera. This redundancy is a assuring safety net. I just let this record during the entire shoot.
    3) A second channel pre-amp'ed input. This is the dealmaker here. I'd prefer something with XLR, but for now, I'll take it. Being able to plug in my wonderful Sony ECM-77B for interviews to the device? Perfect. Or even routing my wireless ew100 through the thing.
    4) Monitoring. Visual and auditory. Thank god.

    Everything the Rode mic does, I'm already doing with a Zoom H1 or a HN, (H1 without the second channel), but velcro'ing an H1 to my shotgun doesn't exactly inspire a lot of confidence, y'know? It's sloppy and fragile. And to put this all into a nice hot shoe mounted package with an attractive shotgun on top is just awesome.

    If these guys make another model a little more pro with an XLR input to give me some non-adpater connectivity ease, I'd pay $600 for something like that, easy. I've never been impressed with the performance of the JuicedLink pre-amp, so this has the potential to be a much better solution all around.

    These guys are filling a much needed hole in the DSLR marketplace.

  11. Max Diesel

    I think the lack of being able to add a Pre-Amp like a JuicedLink or Beachtech to be a huge problem.

    In my current setup my mic is wired to the pre-amp and from there to the Zoom recorder, I cannot do this with this setup which would lead to low signal to noise ratio and most likely hissing in final audio.

  12. Darius

    At Phillip Bloom's site he mentions the stereo mic shipping any day now and the HD mic we're all flipping for will be officially announced some where around six months from now and shipping later in the year. Start saving now.

  13. Olphus

    Don't get the excitement, the audio in the mic-recorder combo will still have to be synced in post. You still have to press the record button twice, one for the camera and again for the recorder.
    There is no info that states otherwise.

  14. les

    Seems that Rode are very proud of their flimsy suspension. I though they would have improve it from the videomic pro. Well, if they improve the suspension i might consider upgrade.

  15. Habez

    My God am i excited for the HD mic. Was just about to invest in a juicedlink preamp for headphone monitoring for run-and-gun and this just HAD to come along.

    Might have to let go of my videomic pro. lols.

  16. Chris Bernard

    Hard to believe the HD mic won't cost some serious scratch. Especially if they are using the NTG3. But that is one seriously nice package.

  17. Emm did state "The RØDE Stereo VideoMic Pro is shipping now."
    But I could not find where to buy it on the link.
    It must be pretty good, There is a photo of someone using it as a boom mic.:)

  18. Tony

    @Lennart - No, I actually like their designs from the VMP including these two here. They're just different enough to look cutting edge with still professional aesthetics. When I go to public announcement shoots and the local TV studio/other typical old-school videographers are there I enjoy all the vets asking ME about my gear.

  19. Rob S.

    @Buster It's actually better to have the record button separate so you can keep the sound running while you do other things with the camera like restart after the 12 minute file limit or changing cards.

  20. Lennart

    anyone else get the feeling that the Rode microphones are getting uglier and uglier as time moves on?...

  21. Tony

    Leave it to Rode. I'm so glad im just building up my gear. I was going to purchase a lot of needed stuff last quarter, but thought it was wise to wait until see what CES has to offer. So glad I waited. that recorder is an awesome idea and im sure Pluraleyes is ecstatic about it also!

  22. Cool!
    I have been rubber-banding a Zoom H1 to my shotgun for a year. Someone must have seen the same setup and made a dedicated product. Looks very interesting for an on camera mic, though no real option for using on a boom pole as the levels are out there. Though the 20db pad on the second channel is a great idea, I would like to get a cable that does the same thing for my Zoom H1.

  23. scottrellwi

    The second one sounds really awesome.

    Recording at normal level on one channel and -20 at the other (like tascam DR-40) is brilliant.

    Oh and wait, headphone monitoring?

    Furry windscreen + blimp?

    Where is the kitchen sink?

  24. Buster

    So you need to press record on the mic separately? Thats gonna suck in a run and gun situation....

  25. It would be SOOOO nice to not have to mess with using and mounting an H1. It work's great, but when I'm in a hurry, or trying to fly light, this would be perfect. I'm guessing it will be at least $350.

  26. aaron

    when and how much? they really covered just about every issue I've had with DSLR audio in one intelligent design.

  27. Serge

    The futuristic design is awesome, time to sell my 2 Rode Stereo and 1 Pro versions... Might just throw up on ebay my H4N too, The specs look awesome, will wait to see some actual sound bites and reviews first.

  28. Love my VMP but love the look of the on board recording and monitoring with an extra input, Have Rode just fixed DSLR Audio?

  29. Bronx

    wow. this solves a lot of dual monitoring setups for run and gun documentary guys. AWESOME! Seriously, changes a lot for me...and I'm sure a lot of others just in terms of workflow headaches

  30. N.K.Osborne

    I'm looking at the VideoMic HD. It seems to solve several problems for DSLR shooters in one package.

  31. I cracked up when you said cray. That shit cray.

    I got a Rode VideoMic - til it breaks I'm not upgrading. Sick stuff though.

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