Pico Flex Dolly Available via Amazon

Hopefully people are pretty familiar with the Pico Flex Table Dolly and I don't need to give these little tools an introduction. There were two pre-orders open a few weeks ago which were wiped out very quickly once the item was featured on PetaPixel, Engadget, Gizmodo, TechCrunch, LifeHacker, and practically every other top gadget blog out there (thanks for noticing guys!). It's taken a while to get a few of these back in inventory, since Photography and Cinema is a small outfit.

Without hesitation, here's another opportunity. Small inventories move pretty quickly so consider it while it's available (International not available - just yet, sorry guys). Updates for International will be found at PhotographyAndCinema.com. Or follow me on Twitter when I make that announcement https://twitter.com/#!/cheesycam.

[Update] No longer available via Amazon. You can find more information of where these units will be available at https://PhotographyandCinema.com or at this time the package is available via eBay (click here).

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  1. ScareCity

    what about some heavy mil laminate from kinko's (Fedex office). They have machines that can do 36X whatever length.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @RL - There is only one knob to lock the entire arm. Loosen the knob, position your arm, and then lock the knob. It locks all joints at the same time.

  3. Hi Emm, do place more orders into Amazon. I can't find any there . But Ebay has some left , post some into amazon so i could order .

  4. RL

    Thanks Em,

    I just got mine today. The shipping was fast. Got it in less than a week and I ordered it the day it launched on Amazon. I didnt get any user instructions on how to use the friction. I don't know how to adjust the ball joint on the end of the arm. I dont want to force it and break it, so is there a proper way of moving the joints?

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @JC - Should be out of Texas. Outside of just the shipping charge, these businesses cushion for paper, printer, printer ink cartridges, tape, packaging material, and labor, etc.

  6. @emm Not sure who is dealing with the shipping but my tracking number didn't work I guess its ground? usps has express 2-3 day shipping boxes for 5 dollars where weight doesn't matter it just has to fit in the box and the pico would fit in that box . It would be alot quicker and maybe cheaper on you guys . Just thought I would throw it out there encase they people in charge off shipping didn't know since were paying more then 5 for shipping. Can i ask where these are shipping from ?

  7. J Toha

    Lol everyone can't wait for international orders to be sorted out. Myself included. Ordered through Amazon and gonna use a mail forwarding service to Singapore. I'll cry if the direct international shipment by P&C turns out to be much cheaper. Least I get the product faster.

    I really hope the Paypal thingy is sorted out for international dealings. Paypal charges fees here and there but it's still one of the most convenient ways of managing funds transfer.

    Has P&C ever considered alternatives such as Google checkout or Chase Quickpay?

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  9. Bob

    I am one of the many Canadians that were anxious for international shipping. Am am also one of the many Canadians that DO HAVE a USA shipping address but could not buy the first release because of some silly paypal setting by P&C. Well, problem solved. I bought one on Amazon with minutes of your tweet yesterday. It was shipped this morning to Blaine WA, and I will be making a run for the border later this week.

    One question though, I am now going to be looking for some sort of strut channel to make a track for it. My aluminum track strut will not work as it fits skateboard wheels used on my current dolly and not skateboard wheels. Anyone have any ideas for a track material that will work with this new pico?

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @JC - Good to hear. The first time was a pre-order deal, then they shipped first come first served. This time they should ship very quickly.

  11. @emm I just ordered my pico dolly yesterday and It shipped within 24hrs excited to get it . The guys in charge of shipping are doing a good job

  12. Emm

    Post author

    @Lensdude - The very first sentence in the article links to the original Pico post. Maybe you could read through that first post again, or even watch the first video again. In all areas, i've made it clear that it's my design, but everything else about the product is handled through PhotographyAndCinema.com. Questions, shipping, tracking, etc, should be handled with PhotographyAndCinema.com. I'm not handling anything, so I can't be of much help with questions about orders.

  13. Lensdude

    One little point if I may?

    Emm, the Pico Flex Dolly is your project, no?

    This whole site has been about you presenting tons of available products to your audience here. A great many products are new items that you have found and then highlighted on this site. You also order many of these products yourself and then create your own reviews based on your tests and gut feel, etc. This is all good. I think you are, for the most part, pretty fair in your reviews.

    Creating your own products is a different ballgame though. You own this site and are fully within your rights to market your own products to the audience you have established here. One thing though: to my eye it seems a little vague about who is actually behind the Pico Flex Dolly? The presentation style is pretty much the same as all your other product posts and reviews. I think you should be a little more clear here: "this is MY product." Its just not that clear. I am not sure casual readers would know that the Pico Flex Dolly is in fact your product? The collective positive buzz over this product might be all good but I think its important to make the clear distinction in this case…

  14. Mine arrived last week, thanks.

    Anyone know if a small ball head like the Joby BH1 would work best for DSLR use, or do I need to buy a small, inexpensive fluid head?

    I'm trying to keep the rig as compact as possible. I'd prefer to pick up a nice, small ballhead but I don't have any experience with those...not sure if they can support the weight of a 60D with 17-50 2.8?

  15. Musouka

    Horray! Can't wait for the international orders. Time to use my US Mail-Forwarding Address 🙂

  16. videoguy2009


    Myself and JJ Labritakis (above) were just talking about coming up with a roll-up solution for our pico dollys earlier today! We thought we might be the first to come up with an awesome solution, but I see you are already working on it!

    I shot some great shots with my Pico Dolly when I got it last week. See here:

    However, I took it to a wedding to get some creative shots with my HX9v, and literally could not find a single place to shoot it smoothly. Table cloths on the tables made it impossible for smooth movement, cement is obviously a no go, even the dance floor wasn't quite smooth enough. So to be a practical in-the-field tool, there definitely needs to be some type of solution that is compact, rolls out, and provides a very smooth and solid surface. Very excited to see what you are working on!

  17. Emm

    Post author

    @JC - Interesting that you ask. P&C will be releasing a special roll up mat just for those situations. Won't be for another few weeks though. For now, try looking for a very firm yoga mat with no texture.

  18. @emm Hey I just bought a pico dolly I'm gonna use it for a wedding in two weeks So can't wait to show you the results . What should i use to get even surfaces when the floor isn't ( I know a piece of wood is used in some examples I seen online. Anything portable that wouldn't look tacky in a wedding environment that would maybe roll up or something Let me know if you have any ideas. If you think of anything great it could also be another accessory you can sell as part of the package .

  19. Emm

    Post author

    @rmldp - The Shark Clip is only sold separately now. Amazon's fees, the price of the units had to go up a few dollars.

  20. rmldp

    What about us who bought the first round of the Pico Flex Dolly? Any deals on the Shark Clip? By the way , the Pico Flex Dolly has been a great tool in my bag of tricks.
    Thanks Emm

  21. Emm

    Post author

    @Pepe - I haven't tried it yet. It uses standard RCA inputs. If you use the Canon SD cables, I don't see why it wouldn't work.

  22. Pepe

    Hey Emm answer this if
    you read me please ...

    The 4.3" monitor that you
    drop at 1:12 .. does it work
    on your Canon 5D mark2 ?

    cheers buddy

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