Panasonic GH2 (Body) Deal Blast

This camera needs no introduction. Even as a consumer based camera, people love to put it up against cameras like the RED, FS100, AF100, and even Canon's latest C300. With the right hacks, it really does some amazing quality. Normally this camera body on Amazon and B&H is still found for about $900 dollars (seen here), but today there's a deal blast for a new GH2 body bringing it under $580. Not too bad..

Panasonic GH2 Camera
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14 thoughts on “Panasonic GH2 (Body) Deal Blast

  1. CV

    Anyone get overzealous and purchase an extra one? I am looking for a B-cam for an upcoming interview shoot.


  2. johnson

    Even with GH3 around the corner, you're gonna wait up to well over a year for a hacked version. Shoot now with a hacked GH2 and sell when the GH3 catches up in spec.

  3. Ed

    if you hack it (as most who use the GH2 for video do) you instantly void your warranty anyway. So whether it's US or 3rd party coverage- it wouldn't matter.

  4. Yes, it was at the bottom, but sometimes these NJ and Brooklyn stores are shady. They'll "add" the warranty which the camera already comes with for an extra charge. I don't know this particular store, but some some stores from over there are notorious scammers. The GH2 hit $600 around Christmas time for the body, in some sales, so if it's hitting that price again, it might indeed be that the GH3 is around the corner and they're starting to slowly clear them out, because this store apparently sold 126 of them.

  5. Ed

    in the ebay auction description under "general information"- at the bottom of the page:

    "Our products are covered by a warranty of 1 years parts and 90 days for labor. Due to our very low low prices, we are prevented from listing our items with manufacturer warranty. Rest assured, our products are the same as if you bought in stores "

    I take that as a "seller's warranty" and not a manufacturer's warranty- and that usually happens in grey market models.

  6. jodydb

    if your doing just video this after 2 hours of viewing videos from japan on youtube, reading dppreview and the shoutout on bloom seems like a no brainer. Get an 30$ adapter for you lens, and use what extra you have before as a backup.

    just ordered mine

    if you dont like- resell is still above this cheap price

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Ales - You might be correct. NAB is practically next month, maybe they will share some new insight then.

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @Ed - I often post these deal blasts when they come around which have huge savings, and have always been US warranty new items. I didn't see any conditions that this was a grey market product. Where did you find this information?

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