Aputure Magic Rig / Polaroid Rig

Neil writes in and shares another small price drop on those small target shooter style Aputure Magic Rigs a.k.a. Polaroid Rigs. We've seen them drop down to an average $68 dollars, and now they're down to about $58 via eBay (click here). [Thanks Neil].

That's coming from overseas China, but for USA customers, if you add an extra dollar you could have it shipping from the US for $59 + Free Shipping via Amazon (click here).

Target-Shooter-RigPolaroid Magic Rig Aputure
find-price-button Polaroid Rig / Aputure Magic Rig Target Shooter style Stabilizer

25 thoughts on “Aputure Magic Rig / Polaroid Rig

  1. Here the same,

    you get instant scratches if you try to setup the rig and you can´t tighten it up as solid as it should be. Tried it with an 550D/T2i.
    I´m still argue with myself if i should test the rig against a 10 lbs hammer or if i should rasp the clamps in the hope they holding then better...
    I´m realy disappointed.

  2. Paul H

    My beef with this rig is that you can't turn the knobs tight enough to get a real solid grip on the rods. The rig ends up moving around a lot. I finally resorted to using vice grips to tighten the knobs down on the rods and it's still not as strong as I think it should be.

  3. Neil

    My Magic Rig arrived today. For less than $60 it's pretty good. Everything is made of metal, feels strong and best of all, all the bits are compatible with standard 15mm accessories. I have a whole new series of configurations I can turn my Lanparte rig into now and am even considering buying another Magic Rig to cannibalize more parts 🙂


  4. junior

    @Emm....Sweet, that makes everything easier then I imagined! I'll keep you guys posted on how this turns out...

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Junior - You could mount that whole Indipro Tools base on top of the Magic Rig's quick release plate.

  6. Junior

    So I pulled the trigger on one of these and I think I'm going to pair it with the Indipro tools baseplate/rails/follow focus combo featured on oliviatech a couple of days ago....but I have no clue how i will attach it to the rig...any ideas?

  7. Frank

    For European buyers - I couldn't order and have it shipped to Belgium, but when I mailed them - they were very kind and made me pay directly to their PayPal account. Hopefully the product is as solid as their service 😉 We'll see when I receive it.

  8. imgpro615

    @jeffery i am glad you found a workable solution, i was the opposite...the cowboy "plastigrip" stabiliser really did not inspire confidence...but my colleague swears by it...i say to each their own because at the end of the production, if it works for you...IT WORKS!!

  9. I bought one and returned it. I found I had more stable footage freehand. Perhaps I dont use chest stabilizers well, I borrowed one of those $30 cowboy studio rig from a friend and worked far better.

  10. Junior

    Thanks Emm and imgpro615...I was going to wait til i could figure out the whole FF and rail system thing. but for the price I think I'll scoop one up and take sometime to figure out what to couple with it. I'm eventually going to get a matte box and filters so I want a rail system that will be big enough to support that on a tripod when I'm not using this polaroid rig.

  11. imgpro615

    @junior, i kinda pieced one together by using a gitzo quick release [fits manfrotto 357 plate/577 adapter], a couple of 6" rods, and 2 rail blocks...ordered from china so the pieces were not expensive...beware of the guy charging 20USD shipping per item...but all in all the combination works...use carbon fibre rods for weight reduction and with a follow focus, you essentially got yourself a Zacuto Single Action

  12. Emm

    Post author

    @junior - You're correct. You will need a rail system to use with this. If you just plan on using an FF, I would look for something very lightweight and short. Maybe just an aftermarket Base + some short carbon rods.

  13. Aaron

    From olahf's unboxing video, I see a screw right below the rig's Quick Release mount. Have anyone tried unscrew the existing QR and install another QR...say this one: httpss://cheesycam.com/calumet-qr-adapter-manfrotto-compatible/

    Not sure if it is possible?!?!

  14. junior

    Emm...I want to grab this ASAP...can you suggest an economical rail system and follow focus available on amazon to combine with this?

  15. imgpro615

    got one on the strength of the last cheesycam review of it...NEVER REGRETTED IT!! comparable to the target shooter from Zacuto or add a vf and the hundred dollar follow focus and you got yourself a crossfire... AT A FRACTION OF THE COST!!

  16. Neil

    At that kind of price it's almost worth buying two or three of them to create more varied configurations. With a couple of cheap 90 degree rod clamps or bridge plates you could probably build a full double rod kit including top handle and dual front grips.

    Hmmm... Nope. Can't do it. Spent enough $$$ this month! In my next life I have to find a cheaper career!

  17. You can't beat the price. I modded mine to replace the base plate system with a Manfrotto set. I don't recall drilling or anything, so it can't have been too difficult, although it's easy to bump the Manfrotto base loose. Overall, a decent solution for very little money.

  18. j hanna

    I ordered one of these awhile back for parts. Just tonight coupled some of this rig, parts from my first express 35 rig and the pnc handle to make a mini shooter for my canon s100. Works great. Can't wait to field test it.

  19. stanperry

    I have one of these they are great deal ... I use with the Z-Finder and works great better deal than the target shooter ... The rig goes right into gorilla plate with out the attachment piece ... I use their attachment for my microphone or you can use it as a monitor (works better than a articulation arm) ... with out the z-finder i dont know if I would love it but with it OMG (maybe it would work well with other knock off viewfinders ) ... with that said it works $70 better handheld ...handheld fatigue is horrible and this product will extend the stamina and stabilization of your handheld shooting .... I also add another handle on it and you can switch arms/hands from further fatigue ... I the build is well and its a great introduction to rods and clamps besides gini rigs ... I also use it on my belt or waist and cradle the camera with a monitor ... because the more weight you have handheld the quicker you fatigue ...

    what i didnt like was the pad I wish it was softer and lager ... it holds to your chest hard ....

  20. Neil

    You're welcome Emm - You've alerted me so many times to great deals on this site, it's only fair I try and return the favor occasionally!

    When mine arrives I'm not sure how much I'll use it in it's full configuration unless I'm really trying to be discreet - Like the Jim above I expect to be cannibalizing it and using bits of it on my main Lanparte rig (such as the chest brace and the single rod handle). HOPEFULLY Aputure/Polaroid's idea of "15mm" matches everyone elses and it all fits together snugly!

    Either way, for that price you can't really go wrong.

  21. I bought one of these at the $65 price and I have to say I like it a lot. It's not Zacuto quality but who cares at that price. It works well.

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