Olympus EP3 Orders Open

If you're a Micro Four Thirds junkie, you couldn't have missed all the buzz circling around Olympus' latest PEN camera - the EP3. The PEN cameras are very impressive and was one of the first to MFT's to sport the retro look. One of the hottest topics is having super lighting fast Auto Focus and lower noise. Olympus has been stepping up quaity and performance in this form factor on every release, as well as pricing. I'm interested to start seeing all the new HD video clips that will be uploaded in the next few weeks. Prices are much higher than I expected, but if you were on that waiting list, it's now available to ship (click here).

Olympus EP3
find-price-buttonOlympus EP3 Interchangeable Lens Camera

There's also a lot more color options and configurations for Olympus' EP3 that will be available for pre-order. Pre-orders are not charged unless the item ships, so you can always call to cancel if you find it elsewhere. You can find the other available options following the link (click here).