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For videos that engage an audience, it's extremely important for the host to maintain good eye contact. Trust me, if you guys ever need to have someone drop a few lines or read off a script, a Prompter is a true time saver. Time is money, especially when you're off at a rented location, you can't spend countless takes waiting for your host to nail a script. Not something you'd typically see, but that's all changing now. In the past, the problem was that these units used to run in the thousands and were quite bulky. iPads have helped shaped these things down to a much more manageable tool that we use both in the studio and out in the field.


The Pad Prompter is not only set at a decent price with a true glass beam splitter (good for maintaining sharpness), but is also the only one I know that can break down this small and mount a basic rail setup. The entire unit packs into a laptop sized bag and can be transported with the iPad inside. The Pad Prompter does not include any software, and we're using the ProPrompter. You can find this Pad Prompter - iPad Teleprompter over at the store (click here).

iPad Prompter
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15 thoughts on “iPad Teleprompter Review – Pad Prompter

  1. Rick Gates

    Emm, sounds great and the price is right, but I'm an android tablet user and I couldn't find the dimensions. My table it 10.3" by 7.1". Any idea if it'll fit?

    No sweat if you don't have time.

  2. What is a good option for Standard Rail System? I currently have none. Will this work? httpss://cheesycam.com/fotga-standard-rail-system-qr/

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @marshall baker - I did notice many of the speakers looking off camera, but maybe because I was really looking for it. Definitely helpful to have some reading lines somewhere to get through a shoot in one take.

  4. A much cheaper option is to simply get the iKlip by ikmultimedia for about $35 and mount it on a mic stand right below the camera.

    While not quite as good as looking directly into the lens, I have found that with it mounted right below the camera from a few feet away, people cant tell.

    Example from 4 ft away (probably a little too close)

  5. Barry Sanders

    I've used Pro Prompter recently for one of my company's videos. I used an Ipad 2 to display the information and an Ipod touch to control the teleprompter stream. It worked out very well.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @cbrafilms - We found that you can still tell when the eyes drift from the camera if you have the screen slightly off.

  7. What would be the Apps needed to run the iPad while recording? I believe the shooter will not be tapping the iPad to make it move to the next slide/ page right?

  8. I got mine a few months ago and it's really a great product for the price. True glass beam splitter is a big +

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