No Name Stabilizer

(Above) Video was just for fun, don't take it seriously

I've probably tested more stabilizers than the Brady Bunch Family has fingers and toes (combined). Not everything makes it on the blog, because it just ends up as wasted sapce. Now i'm not saying some of these stabilizers 'won't fly'. What I look into and weigh in on is Stabilizer vs. Price. With enough muddling around (a few days and a few modifications), you can probably get some decent shots with most stabilizers.

Since I just posted about questions on other Random stabilizers I don't think is worth the asking price, here's another one for you - not to consider. Besides looking quite odd, the current asking price is several times that of other stabilizers which are easier to fly and faster to balance. The handle has shock absorption, the stage can be positioned forward/back, and the weight can be shifted left/right. The odd color choice and design might have been based on old Buck Rogers technology. You would think the tripod stand base design would work well to sit your camera down, but it acts as a counterweight. If you are required to shift that weight to an angle, it will no longer sit as a tripod and just topple over.

The video demo was shot just for fun, and it was the first time out with it. It's definitely not easy to fly. I don't agree on the price tag running several hundreds of dollars while there are already existing units on the market that are much cheaper and already have proven results. If they dropped this down to about $80 dollars, it might be worth considering for those on a budget and a lack of aesthetic appeal. There is also a low mode version, and a kit that doubles as both low mode and tripod base mode found on eBay (click here).

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