JuicedLink Bearing Slider Sample Footage

One of the biggest questions about JuicedLink's DIY roller bearing slider (bring your own rails), was what the footage could possibly look like. Finally here's a couple of samples and some clever use of a bike wheel along with an extended version of rails which shows that the trolley can stay put. More on the JL DIY slider kit can be found at the JuicedLink blog (here).

DIY slider JuicedLink
JuicedLink DIY Slider

18 thoughts on “JuicedLink Bearing Slider Sample Footage

  1. Liam

    Guys, there's nothing wrong with injecting a bit of personality into your posts as long as there's no personal attacks/attempted character assassinations etc.

    The last thing you want is overzealous editing or deleting of posts over fear of mildly hurting someones feelings... at the same time you don't want petty squabbling a la YouTube either.

    Robert is putting himself out there with his rather unorthodox videos so I'm sure he's going to catch a vibe from some sections of the community but I believe it's water off a duck's back for him. He reminds me of an x-stoner that's finally got his $*\t together - just an observation - I like him.

    He does have great products in his Juicedlink preamps. I use a DS214 with a VideoMic Pro on my 7D with great results so if his new accessories line is as good as his preamps then we should be getting quality gear.

  2. MattN

    "If you don't have anything nice to say do not say it at all. keep it moving…"

    I'm a marketing guy at heart so I think my previous post is a fair assessment. This is a business of aesthetics and attention to details after all --and first impressions matter because they inform (rightly or wrongly) the consumer about expectations of quality.

    I hope he takes my critique into account because his products look like they deserve better marketing treatment, IMHO.

  3. Lensdude

    I see a lot of real cheap products that get promoted with over the top flashy videos with cheesy sound effects and light flashes etc. The JuicedLink product videos are what they are.

    His preamps and mixer technology is widely used in the DSLR filmmaker market. The new DIY products are helpful for many who like to build custom stuff that works instead of the cheap oversees stuff or the really high end products. I have the DIY cage accessory bracket. It has four sections of milled metal that bolt together nicely. There are tons of threaded holes in different sizes to mount any accessory you might have. Saying you can make something similar from stuff found at Home Depot would be a major challenge. You would need to cut the metal sections and then drill and tap all those holes with different size taps. Tapping holes by hand is a very slow process. Not saying its not doable, but for many this kind of kit is a real option, especially for the asking price.

    I like the look of this roller bearing slider. It looks way smoother than the Igus technology. One of the things that does need to be worked out is how do you mount this slider? Looks like you need at least two light stands. Mounting any longer slider in the middle only will cause the ends to bend anyway.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @paolo - A plate is not needed on the bearings. There is a hold down the middle of that octagon bar to mount a ball head.

  5. paolo

    My thing is...he never shows how to put a plate on top of those cross looking bearings. Nor how to place a plate at the bottom for tripod mounting.

    Other than that it really looks smooth.

    Now their cage anyone can built at home depot.

  6. Ryan

    @KC - Nope! Different Ryan 🙂 New upcoming company and will be making a little plug video for you guys at some point soon here. (assuming this is KC as in Kessler Crane)

  7. It looks like the ends have three holes. You could use the middle hole to mount the slider on light stands, than use the other two to create platforms on each side to house the gear necessary to motorize this thing. And if weight permits, add in the meade pan and tilt head.

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @Serge - Agreed. He's done a great job creating something new and different. Definitely not a knock off from another slider. He admits to saying it anyone can build the same if they had the abilities to work with metal, if not, then his options are made available.

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @Luke Kwan - Not that it's available, we'll see if Olivia can get some tests together with one. From seeing it in person and from the video samples, it's super smooth. Not very pretty but we'll see how much weight it can hold up.

  10. Luke Kwan

    has anyone picked one of those up? i saw it during the NAB videos from olivia.


    what are your 2 cents?

    I was looking at the konova, but I've been on a buying spree lately. so i'm going to keep waiting for now.

  11. Lets play nice people.

    Obviously he is resounding to someone in the prior video about his video quality who posted:

    "Oh Man! That Robert… Those Videos… Umm… Is he for real? LOL" -HD-tography


    "It’s hard to get motivated to buy video production gear from someone that’s a mediocre (diplomatic adjective) video producer." -MattN

    This is a site where we come together to learn from each others findings and offer, to get great deals not to come and be part of the cool kids clic and and start picking on someone for not having the coolest looking videos.

    the video might not be the best but juice links products are sure the best out there for the price, and for that we thank Robert and the company... If you dont have anything nice to say do not say it at all.

    keep it moving...

  12. KC

    Are you Film Riot's Ryan? You guys promote Kessler a lot. Quality product's I'm sure. Anyways, I'm a huge fan! keep it up.

  13. rob


    Anyone else get a serial killer sorta vibe from this guy?

    Although, that said, he is an engineer…

    (great looking slider btw!)

  14. Great idea.. using normal rail blocks and getting 5/8 tubes for support.. as well as the rollerblade bearings.. definitely a good diy type solution. Thanks for the videos!

  15. Ryan

    I just bought a Kessler Pocket Dolly and I don't regret it. This seems like something you need more time in setting up and I like that the Kessler is just a simple mount and go kind of thing. This seems like it would be great if you had full control over the setup of the rails and I'm sure it works great.

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