New Video Slider from Edelkrone – SliderPlus [PRO]

Edlekrone is stepping up their game with the new SliderPlus 'PRO'. The new Pro version can carry up to 50% more, is compatible with Edelkrone's latest motion control systems, and can be disassembled for servicing or repair.

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Edelkrone SliderPlus Pro

12 thoughts on “New Video Slider from Edelkrone – SliderPlus [PRO]

  1. All the thing is using equipments which are easy to use and compact for our production and i personally believe that it is not bad to have equipments to pose with.

    If you want to pose with our products and also try them out we would be on booth #C9939 in NAB Show 2014. We would be glad to see you there. πŸ™‚

    If you have question please free to contact us anytime via [email protected]

    Best Regards,

    - İnanç from edelkrone

  2. "In the end, Edelkrone is for people who think fashionable gear is going to result in quality productions"??? what a sentence!! IS THAT A FACT? . . . I DON'T THINK SO . . .
    If that were true then the people who uses Apple products think fashionable gear is going to result in quality productions too . . . again I DON'T THINK SO!!!
    I think the frustration about you can't pay the Edelkrone prices make you say that, you are right only in one thing . . . that's all your opinion and not means the truth . . .

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @mad - There are many excellent sliders on the market if you need to move side to side. The biggest selling point to this slider is how compact it is and how much travel it offers. There's nothing on the market quite similar with the build qualities. You have to decide if those biggest selling points are worth it for you. I don't travel too often to where I personally have to have something so compact, but it would still be a nice to have.

  4. mad

    So worth it or...? Would you buy and why?

    im selling an electric drum set and my konova, due to it wobbling, so i can get a edelkrone slider. i was wondering if you think the newer heavy duty one was worth the extra cash?

    I'm gonna be using a BMPCC with a few extras (accessories)

    I know that the newer slider is for heavy duty equipment but who knows.. I may need it if i get the cam i really want πŸ˜€


  5. Emm

    Post author

    @mad - I have used the original SliderPlus (first gen). Worked nicely, great quality, but the belt seemed to have a bit of 'memory' so when you traveled back to the mid section it would have a small inconsistent drag. The later version have been improved, and now with the Pro version you are able to remove the belt when stored. This should minimize that issue where it tries to retain it's shape.

  6. Ant

    I sold off my Konova crappy sliders after using a v2 edelkrone once. No comparison.

    Your cheap kit performs like cheap kit. πŸ™‚ Tell yourself whatever you want.

  7. Derek

    Nobody said they don't work well -- I didn't say they don't work poorly either..

    However, Edelkrone products have historically been a ridiculously bad value. High cost for negligible additional benefit. There are plenty of competitors who offer comparable equipment at rational prices.

    Their product introductions are usually a lot of marketing flash. In the end, Edelkrone is for people who think fashionable gear is going to result in quality productions. But then, that's all just my opinion. Your mileage may vary.

    Haters gonna hate, and chumps gonna buy overpriced gear.

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