Kamerar – Kampro GoPro Cage and Handle Kits


Kamerar has released a few GoPro accessories that allow you to get more creative with the Hero3/Hero3+ cameras. The new Kampro Handle Kit works with existing GoPro housings (waterproof / skeleton) comes with 1x Handle, 3x Thumb Screws, 2x Threaded Pivot Arm, 1x Pivot Arm, 1x Phone Mount, 1x Tripod Mount, and 1x Cold Shoe Mount. The Kampro Handle Kit can be found (here).

find-price-button Kamerar KamPro Handle Kit for GoPro Hero Cameras

When you want to run the GoPro 'naked' (without the waterproof housing), Kamerar has released an affordable GoPro Cage. Made of precision CNC machined aircraft grade aluminum, the new Kampro offers a few cold shoe mounts (a feature not found on other GoPro cages) ready to accept microphones, led lights, or other accessories.
Kamerar Kampro GoPro Cage
A single knob locks the GoPro Hero3/Hero3+ in place while still allowing full access to ports, buttons, lcd screen, MicroSD slot, and fast access for battery swaps. A lens cap fitted over a 37mm threaded filter mount is ready to accept your ND, CPL, or other popular filters. For more information on these products, check out the https://PNCGear.com website (click here).

find-price-button Kamerar KamPro GoPro Cage with Cold Shoe & 1/4-20 threaded Taps

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  1. Editwizard

    Does that GoPro cage allow you to have the LCD or extended battery backs mounted? Looks like it holds it in by friction on the side?

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