Modified Electric Trike Scooter w/ GoPro + DSLR Video Cameras

This looks like a fun project. David Sawyer has modified an electric trike to perform long tracking shots with a few DSLR or GoPro cameras hard mounted [Thanks David]. The agility of the electric three wheeler allows for some very tight maneuvering and interesting camera footage.

Here's a look at some images David has shared with his modified Three Wheel Electric Trike.

The Electric Trike David uses is of course a more expensive high end version with a front electric hub, but if you're looking for a cheaper Electric Trike Scooter solution about $350 bucks, there is a stand-up TRX electric scooter that should have no problems mounting a few small cameras to it. That's about the price of a Canon 50mm F/1.4 lens, check out the item below.

Electric Trike Video Track DollyElectric Trike
find-price-button TRX Electric Stand Up Trike Scooter - via eBay