Lull – by Jeremy Mayhew

Just caught a cool video shot on a Nikon D300s from Jeremy Mayhew. Jeremy has been using the SpiderTrax rotating video dolly quite a bit, and has found ways to use it outdoors quite effectively. I'm really impressed with the quality from this Nikon D300s considering it's not even a 1080 shooter. The look on the Nikon Macro lens is also very sharp with excellent bokeh. It's going to be interesting to see the quality of video that comes out of Nikon's new (T2i Competitor) the D3100 DSLR 1080p capable camera that's starting at only $699 w/ 18-55mm Lens. This new D3100 could give Nikon a larger market share in DSLR video, unless Canon releases something more exciting than the recently announced Canon 60D DSLR.

Pre-order for Nikon D3100

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  1. Emm

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    I don't hate it, but the D90's had more rolling shutter than the similar Canon models. I'm still waiting for the D7000 to come out to test it.

  2. Palmer S.

    Just out of curiosity, why does everyone give Nikon so much crap about their video quality? I know their DSLR's lack in the manual department, but the quality of this video, and quite a few of the clips I've managed to get with my D5000 are incredible! So why does everyone seem to hate it so much?

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  4. Thanks for the comment. this is only my third piece and it was done just as a creative project to get more experience shooting, editing and working with the gear. Nikon has so many limitations when shooting video, I know I just need to get out and shoot shoot shoot to get as much experience working with the tools as i can. Its really all just practical hands on practice. The Lull piece was just something i wanted to do because I love it so much, and as a food photographer I try to stick with food themed videos.

    But this being only my third film, alot of the shots and stuff i'm doing is just for practice, like the DOF stuff was done to work on pulling focus while using a shoulder rig.

    thank you very much for the compliments my freind! 🙂

  5. Just wanted to take a moment to give props to Jeremy! I was more impressed with how it showcased the skills you've acquired in using your gear, then I was with piece as an advertisement for the farm, but I'm not sure which you were trying to accomplish. I was particularly impressed with section starting around 1:34 that was moving around the baskets of tomatoes. Smooth transitions. Very professional looking work. The extreme macro with extreme DOF was cool, but a little over the top for my taste. I'm starting my DIY slider/spider trax project this week, and this definitely got me excited about it! This video really is great and a fantastic example of what we should all be working towards! Thanks Jeremy.

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