LP-E6 Decoded Battery Prices

The fact that the Canon 60D uses the same batteries as the 5D Mark II & Canon 7D was both a blessing and a curse. For those who already had these batteries, it's nice not having a different set of batteries and charger to add to your gear list. A single OEM LP-E6 will run you well over $70 dollars. For those who are looking to buy extra ones, prices on aftermarket LP-E6 batteries seem to have inflated. There was one brand on Amazon that dropped their decoded (chipped batteries that communicate with camera to show battery life) batteries down to $18.00 dollars, but now brought them back up to $60 bucks!. Yeah they know that there's a new market out for these batteries after the Canon 60D release.

If you don't care about the battery meter, there's plenty of Aftermarket LP-E6 batteries that run around (2)pcs. for $15 dollars. Very very cheap, but they will need their own charger. It's not suggested these be charged on the OEM charger. I think I have 6 of those myself which still run to this day, and are probably a year old or more.

There's two brands on Amazon for 'decoded' batteries still showing around $22 dollars, and a few Aftermarket LP-E6 Decoded Batteries on eBay for around $15.00 each.

I was still waiting for more reviews on these items to see if they will actually work well and hold up as good batteries, and if the battery meter really works. A friend of mine has a wedding lined up on 10/10/10 - of course the most popular wedding day this year, and so he's invested into the Maxtek Replacement Li-ion Battery For Canon. He's had it a short while and seems to work exactly like OEM, and charges on the OEM charger (can't do this with un-chipped batteries). I've asked him to give us a demo video of the batteries in use, but he says they work exactly the same. This battery is compatible with the Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 7D, and Canon 60D.

Decoded Batteries Starting at $15.00
2x Un-chipped LP-E6 starting at $15.00

10 thoughts on “LP-E6 Decoded Battery Prices

  1. Pete

    I bought a Maxtek battery as well and it does not communicate with my 60D or the charger. I just got mine today. going to contact the seller tomorrow or probably sell it.

  2. Mark

    I purchased one of the Maxtek batteries, and it didn't communicate with my 60D, nor work on the charger. I am in touch with the seller to see what my options are, but I am curious if anyone else is using them with the 60D, and whether or not yours are working correctly.

  3. Waylon

    I 2nd that with Maxtek. Afforable aftermarket batteries for my 7D, everything works the same. No probelms with the battery meter as well as using the OEM Canon charger. I think they ran me about $24 on Amazon.

  4. The Wallbanger

    Emm, I bought the Opteka batteries from the Amazon affiliate program. The seller was actually 47th St Photo. Currently, there is only one affiliate still selling these on Amazon - predictably, at the highest price. If the other affiliates replenish their inventory we might see the price drop again.

  5. The Wallbanger

    Last week I worked on a wedding with two decoded Opteka batteries from Amazon ($22) and the factory supplied Canon LP-E6. I noticed the Optekas lasted roughly 80% of the Canon's run time. Recharging time was about equal. The Opteka batteries communicated well with both the camera and Canon charger. No complaints considering the low cost. I would buy them again.

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