Letus Master Cinema Series vs. Traditional

The MCS (Master Cinema Series) style rigs may not be in everyone's budget, but here's an informative video on different shoulder rig configurations from Letus.

12 thoughts on “Letus Master Cinema Series vs. Traditional

  1. durr

    Isn't this the company that claims their parts are made in the US? There is a thread all aout this and Trusmt called them out and proved Letus is in fact produced in China.

    Please go out of business in 2012? We need less companies charging $2000 for metal rods.

  2. Carlos

    The stupid part is that one does not compete with the other, 2 different markets. Why doesn't he compare it to a Cinevate or Redrock, which can be configured similarly. How good are his components? are they light or heavy?

    He was compering a donkey to a wannabe Thoroughbred emphasize in the wannabe.

  3. scottrellwi

    Isn't this rig just a straight rig with no follow focus, no matte box, and a quick release shoulder pad? I like the quick release stuff on top, but not necc. for us DIYers.

    Great idea, poor advertising.

  4. Just to clarify, I think the talon rig is stupid because it's handles are so far away from the body, anyone who has ever used a rig of any kind will agree.
    That's gonna give you some back pain, not to mention you could only hold it for 2 minutes at a time.
    PFffftt... What a terrible design..


  5. i'm not as upset about this video as most the commenters above but i do kind of agree.
    overpriced for something that is essentially much simpler to build. (except the cage of course)

    I've built one in 20 mins from my custom Johan rig setup before Lotus even released the MCS:
    -Straight rig, no offset, MUCH SIMPLER TO MAKE.
    -Lower handles that are closer to the body - much nicer to hold than either of the rigs in the video. (IMO that talon rig is stupid to levels i cannot even describe.)
    -small counterweight.
    -EVF - made using a $15 3.5" LCD and a $15 viewfinder.
    -A Gameboy case which has a Velcro belt loop with a couple of dish washing sponges inside it as a quick release shoulder pad.

    That's it. 🙂
    total cost would be something like £150-300 depending how DIY you go on it.
    Well actually probably even less if you got really cheap parts. The Johan rig parts are not really cheap.

    As for the cage, i agree with Luke above, get a cheap cage and a quick release plate!

  6. Luke

    Yeah he did a terrible job selling the benefits of the MCS!

    He did broke the first rule in sales! Never talk trash about the lesser item... Must keep it positive, in case you need to fall back to it. Most people that watch this video, will think. Damn i can't afford the MCS, but their old talon rigs sucks so i don't want it either...

    Most of the points he brought up very crappy explantions!

    Balance points is it act as more like a tripod = get an offset adapter.

    the MCS is better we a have quick release on the grip/cage/tripod mount. Ok buy a few manfrotto 323.

    It is future proof because the MCS has a cage. Again 323 on bottom of a cage.

    anyway... LETUS get another pitchman!

  7. this video made me angry. i´m not saying that the rig itself isn´t or is good or bad, but the whole attitude of the producers comes out annoyingly obviously:

    "Hello, here is one bullshit solution for nothing, and look how badly I cannot utilize this, just like every non serious film maker aka cats and dog filmer would do, who uses crap like a >GH2< (seriously? I don´t even own one but I have seen this: https://vimeo.com/32563119 ??

    It´s just in your face bad marketing and I am happy that none of the above commenters fell for it. and here's the catch: even though it looks quite nice!

  8. D.S.

    He could put the shoulder pad a little more forward, towards to the T2i. Then the center of gravity would also be better.

  9. Steve

    The thing that really seems to be making the rig so greatly balanced, is the Z-Finder EVF viewing option, rather than having an off set rig. That's what allows to center balance the fulcrum, blah blah blah.

  10. pepe.ronnie

    Let me get this right ... you produced a rig claiming it's
    the best out there while charging a ridiculously amount
    of money for it and after you produce a new rig and have the
    audacity to say that the original one was actually crap ... ???

    What kind of business does that ???

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