Capa DSLR Cage adds Handles Base Rod Mount

Anyone using the inexpensive Capa DSLR Cage yet? Shortly after first release, they added a base 15mm Rod mount to be used with a Follow Focus system, and now they're adding free handles to make hand holding a bit easier making your shots just a bit more steadier. Hopefully these removable handles will be standard issue going forward.

Capa DSLR Cage 15mm Base Rod Mount Handles
find-price-button Capa SLR Cage with Handles 15mm Rod Base Mount

16 thoughts on “Capa DSLR Cage adds Handles Base Rod Mount

  1. Hi All

    Another alternative is my GRIP-CAGE, already in use by a number of filmmakers, cinematographers and production companies here in South Africa. Also being used by the production crew of the SA TV series "The Wild" on the M-NET channel.
    I'm happy to ship worldwide (current retail: US$ 360 plus shipping) Please visit:

  2. @Noel R.

    Wheres the fire extinguisher we have a flamer...
    Whatever happened to coming to this site to READ...???

    1) I was not lecturing you.
    2) I was sharing with all those who come to learn, read reviews and not be one sided looking for praise.
    3) case closed.

  3. Noel R

    Spare me the lecture Serge. Don't need one... And you yourself said it best at the end of your comment,"...for $103 who could go wrong?" That IS the bottom line!

  4. @Noel R,

    I agree the cage can handle smaller productions and everyday use very well and clients are not going to notice if its heavy duty built or not, but in the long run its going to start bending and getting weak.

    Just because someone can afford a higher end brand does not mean we are not looking for lower, more affordable options. I myself mix cheaper parts with higher end rigs...

    This site is just for that, to find great deals and share it with other. its a great starters cage but a couple of drops here and there, a couple of bad packing in the trunk of your car will cause this unit to go up for a replacement.

    Am I not recommending this unit, no, not at all.
    just stating that it is week unit. In matter of fact it is no better and no worst than the now discontinues JAG35 cage but for $103 who could go wrong???

  5. Noel R

    This cage is NOT for people who can afford Zacuto, Red Rock Micro, Letus or Gini rigs. If you can afford that, then you will NOT be happy with this cage. But in fairness, it does what it needs to do and IMHO does it a a fairly reliable manner. We shoot mostly events and cable TV commercials. We use this mainly with a Canon 7D on a tripod with an external Marshall LCD-V50 monitor, on-cam light, zoom mic, and combo Juicedlink mixer with Zoom H4N recorder. The local clients we shoot for are used to cameras like the Sony EX3 and the big Panasonic HPX series 2/3-inch camcorders. None of them have ever complained about our cage setup looking any less "professional" than any of the other cameras Ive listed.

  6. I think I might have been the first one to receive one as I pointed Emm to it I received mine for $103 didn't get to do a review on it since it was jacked by my sister for a shoot in Cuba. It feels really flimsy like can made compare to the letus or trust versions. It is for minor add ons not too pro like. The cheese plate screw holes feel like they will eat and wear out easy.

  7. Gene

    Hey Em,

    Do you think this cage would work with Gini's new iFocus? I noticed on this rig that the rails in relation to the platform where the camera sits, are fairly close in distance compared to most rigs, and I know Gini's iFocus' main arm is one piece and fairly tall, so does that mean it needs a taller platform with more space between the rail and platform where the camera sits?

  8. Noel R

    Hi Emm & everyone, i owe you all a review on this cage. I won the ebay auction when Emm first linked to it. I got it for $157 with free shipping. I use it with a Canon 7D and im satisfied with it. Someone commented previously that it was like a Contineon cage "on a diet". Have to agree with that. But the cage is solid, light and quite functional. I would recommend it to anyone looking for this level of quality on a budget.

  9. aaron

    nice and simple at least. any clue if the 60 screen can fold out while camera is in cage?

    love cages but not easy to ergonomically mount monitors. would be nice to use a cage with swivi type monitor.

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