LCDVF – NOT Real Deal?

A new notice has been placed on the LCDVF website in response to the 'Clones'.

Please be aware that thre are some fake LCD viewfinder products out there utterly similar to our LCDVFs but the optics and construction used in these products is far inferior of the original!
The original LCDVFs use achromatic doublet lenses instead of a simple condenser lens to achieve uncompromized image quality.

Well here's a comment that just dropped in from Tonis. Tonis is the CEO of the original LCDVF, and he's talking about these LCDVF 'replicas' or 'clones' that are showing up on the market.

I'm Tonis from LCDVF, Estonia
This is a replica that resembles the original LCDVF.
These are not made with the same molds/tools or with the same sized magnets and even the materials are a bit different, the rubber eyecup smells for example and is not made of skin friendly silicone. The eyecup itself comes loose quite easily.
The lens is just a 2mm thick plano convex one instead of our double lens 8mm thick achromatic setup.
It also seems to have set at such focal length that it might burn the LCD screen when aligned with sun.

They use all our 3D renderings and photographs on the packaging and even our copy texts so we have a big time intellectual property infrngement here to deal with but as these are being made in China it takes a bit time before we will stop them. Till then we will file reports on all eBay sellers of this replica and fortunately eBay acknowledges our rights.

And yes it does not fit 550D, T2i and not even GF1 as often advertised. The LCDVF 3/2 is the only proper viewfinder for these Canon cameras. As will 16/9 be for the remaining others.

Tonis Liivamagi

Tartu, Estonia

Well they say good things don't last long, and looks like the official LCDVF is trying to pull the plug on the whole ordeal. Granted it's going to take some time asking Chinese companies to stop selling outside of China, but eBay is very very quick to deal with anything that has to do with infringement. These LCDVF auctions available now on eBay can literally disappear faster than they appeared.

LCDVF Clones on eBay

28 thoughts on “LCDVF – NOT Real Deal?

  1. Emm

    Post author

    Hahah i'm pretty impatient receiving stuff myself. Several people have received it from this seller so I wouldn't give them negative feedback. I'm sure they'll work with you if there's a problem.

  2. Dave

    Still waiting on mine and I believe I ordered it the same day that you posted about as well. I emailed the seller and they said if I don't recieve it by the end of the week they will claim it as lost and send out another one. Everyday I've been going to the mailbox saying this will be the day only to be let down... lol.

  3. Dave

    Just curious how long everyone had to wait for delivery, mine was shipped on 7/21 to Florida and I still haven't recieved it yet.

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  5. Rico181

    Just got mine today, only 4 days from Poland! It's absolutely perfect! It works exactly as it should and the build quality is better than I expected - it feels very solid in your hands.

    The image magnification is perfect and I notice no loss in quality from the lens.

    I have a T2i and decided not to wait and chance it since I think they might get pulled soon for copyright violation. I also bought one of the $12.50 pop-up LCD hoods which I modified. I'm gluing the frame onto that. When you put the frame right on the T2i you lose about 1-2mm on the sides, but when you put it on a LCD protector, which raises it up about 4mm, you don't lose any screen area!! What a deal!

  6. I just recieved mine today and I can't compare to the LCDVF, but first impressions trying it out is that it was worth the $60 I forked out for it:)

    I've attached mine to the screen guard Emm posted here;

    The only problem I see with this is that the bottom of the bracket isn't fixed to anything but the fit is very OEM:)

    Oh Emm I like how you posted the link from my referral for the eye cushions, heres an even better option which phillip bloom apparently raves about on their site;

    Keep up the good work with you finds.

  7. TimTaler

    Looks like Chinas sweatshop copycats are discovering the DSLR film-makers market. I got word from a friend who is doing business with Shengzen manufacturers, that they already got bored copying the 5 buck plastic thingy called LCDVF. They will start to ship a clone of the technically superior Zacuto Z-Finder Pro in September this year - of course the 3x version ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Check out a photo of their prototype here:

    BTW, this is my favorite DLSR accessories blog!

  8. Serge

    I'm not sure if everyone is getting theirs made in the same factory of they use different quality of plastic for each batch they make but the make quality of mine are identical, no if, and , or buts about it. This thing will last just as much as the lcdvf.

    I would be surprised if the people at lcdvf where buying from these people in bulk, and re-Branding them, its not u common.

    Come on look at the packaging of the LCDVF nothing professional about that and its identical to whats included in the "FAKE" ones...

  9. I simply cannot justify these outrageous prices for LCD VFs out there running $170-$400 or higher. Seriously it's a molded black box, magnifier and eyecup. It boggles me these companies out there who sell these for that much.

    I say way to go to the companies making these for uber cheap. Hopefully it makes some of these big guys sweat a bit in their pricepoint. You can be darn sure their profit margins are astronomical.

    Sorry, but I just don't see why an eyepiece should cost that much. I have a chinese made LCD viewfinder (not of the replica LCDVF brand type) and it works excellent for $69 bucks.

  10. The Wallbanger

    @Emm.. I have the LCDVF and the Meike side by side. I cannot tell the difference in optic quality right now (in new condition). However, I cannot attest for the durability of the Chinese rip-off. For all I know, my lashes could be scratching them up with each blink. I can say that the microfiber cloth included with the Meike should have been a different material; there are yellow fibers sticking all over the rubber eye cup. There is hardly a weight difference between the two choices.

    Have you ever compared the optical quality between a pair of Oakley's and a $4 pair of gas station sunglasses? Sure, they're $100 difference in price, but you can still resolve detail and you'll find virtually imperceptible difference in your visual acuity. Again, durability could be the defining factor.

  11. I have been checking this site at least once a day since I purchased the T2i. This is one of the best deals I have seen and I hope they pump some out to fit my camera before this ends, if it does.

    There is certainly a large market of T2i users looking for budget options. That is basically what the camera is itself.

    The people at LCDVF shouldn't be too surprised to see a cheap knock off. Even though the LCDVF is one of the most affordable viewfinders it's still over priced. If the cost of the two products was of marginal difference I would obviously go with the original, but that's not the case.

  12. Emm

    Post author

    Thanks for the comment. Just to clarify, are you saying that since your eye is so close to the Optics, the glass quality doesn't really matter?

  13. The Wallbanger

    I just got mine in the mail today. Works as advertised, I don't really have a complaint. Something that needs to be mentioned... I think the lens' quality difference accounting for the $100+ price disparity isn't entirely justified. The magnification sits millimeters from your eye. As you know, the closer to the eye the less glass quality makes a difference. Don't believe me? Grab a sheet of facial tissue. You can't see through it from 2 feet away, but put it a centimeter from your eye and you can navigate your house without even stubbing a toe.

    The bottom line is, as photographers we need to demand more value out of our equipment. Too many of us are convinced by manufacturers that equipment priced several hundred dollars more than reasonable is somehow going to proportionately affect our talents and abilities. Now, I don't condone Meike's obvious design plagiarism, but you have to give them credit for hitting the sweet spot in price vs. performance.

  14. Serge


    Please be aware that thre are some fake LCD viewfinder products out there utterly similar to our LCDVFs but the optics and construction used in these products is far inferior of the original!

    The original LCDVFs use achromatic doublet lenses instead of a simple condenser lens to achieve uncompromized image quality.

    Anyone care to take the lens out and validate this?

  15. Serge

    As I stated before one "real" lcdvf cost $179 plus shipping and is out of stock for 5 weeks, 3"knock offs" cost me $150 for all 3 with free shipping and arrived in 10 days.

    The items are identical 100% to the real deal, the rubber does smell a bit strong but nothing that some rubbing alcohol didn't take care of on the eye piece only.

    I tested it side by side with a real lcdvf and noting I swear nothing is different, just the words lcdvf are not present.

    For those of you who rather be broke and keep your morals high get the "real" ones but you will be saving $150 with the "knock offs" and getting it 5 times sooner.

    Jag 35 has a bit ugly LCD viewfinder of their own for $59 but has no eye piece, speaking about eye piece those of you who are scared of the "possible eye irritant knock off eye pice" can but this eye cup. Ushion from zacuto for $10 to fit your knock off.

  16. getem

    It's all about the $$ and if another company has a product that is similar for half the price it is worth considering. People that have bought these supposed knockoffs say it works great.

    That's all I need to know, so unless LCDVF lowers the price I personally as long as everyone else I know will be purchasing the cheaper ones from Ebay

  17. Brett

    I feel bad about it....but this made my decision to buy one of these el cheapos off ebay.

  18. Rico181

    I don't know if I fully buy that...

    Not skin friendly silicon? How could they know that, did they get a rash while testing it? Haha
    I'll just use a chamois like I planned and my eyes will be fine.

    Not the right/best type of lens? It seems to work fine to me. All I wanted was to be able to clearly see the LCD in bright sunlight and it seems to do that perfectly.

    "seems" to be at a focal length that will fry the LCD? I don't know how they would know this either, especially saying "seems" to be. I would think you shouldn't have it tilted towards the sun even with the real LCDVF. But since I've had to follow this guideline for every other video camera I've owned, I don't mind.

    Copyright infringement aside, I would be an idiot not to save the $100.

    I come to cheesycam religiously to find these great deals for do-it-yourselfers and cheap overseas knockoffs. You shouldn't advise against a product just because one person (as the owner of the competition) clearly has it in for this product.

  19. Carlos

    I knew it was unkosher to post those. I have the original real lcdvf, I wish it had some anti fog capabilities, I lost the pad.

  20. Emm

    Post author

    You misread. They don't fit the 550D, they still fit the standard 3" LCD on cameras.

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  22. emess

    "Sounds like you might need to Check out these super uber cheap Real Deal LCDVF Replicas while they last."

    After reading what the real deal LCDVF guy has to say, why would you want to?

    When he says "The LCDVF 3/2 is the only proper viewfinder for these Canon cameras." it's a bit of an exaggeration, but I don't want to support some shady outfit that ripped off his design.

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