Latest Mini Shooter Rigs

With more and more small HD video cameras coming out every month, more and more companies are making lightweight stabilizers. Another mini rig are these little black and orange mini shooter rigs just starting to come around. John a.k.a. YouTube member TheDurko11 gives us a look at the unboxing and shows that even the clamp knobs are metal [Thanks John]. Redrock Micro has also been lining up lightweight stabilizers with their line of Nano Rigs (found here).


These new rigs come with one handle, adjustable camera stage with quick release plate, and adjustable shoulder / chest pad. Mostly metal and stainless steel, color scheme (not blue this time) designed after the World Series Champions - Go Giants! Found Below.

[Update] Seller has re-listed the item (below) and at first glance you'll see an incredibly high marked up price. The deal is that you can make an offer of $89 US dollars, mention this blog, and the offer will be accepted. Offers that don't mention this blog will not be accepted. One other important piece of information is that this listing is a 'Pre-Order', and the new inventory should arrive sometime this week. This auction comes from across the pond, perfect for the UK buyers.

magic-rig-dl-v1redrock micro nano rig
find-price-button DSLR Rig Shooter Chest Mount

[Update] Alternate Listing for these little Magic Rigs (Also a Pre-Order) listing

magic-rig-dl-v1redrock micro nano rig
find-price-button DSLR Magic Rig Orange / Black

27 thoughts on “Latest Mini Shooter Rigs

  1. imgpro615

    ...just ordered mine...the polaroid one for 59USD...redrock nano, zacuto striker, cinevate solo...awesome kit...rapishly exorbitant pricing...

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  3. UrbanGorillaRig

    So, I have mine now. Drop of glue stops the grip rotation. Yea the shoulder padding is cheap, no getting away from it. But other than that, its great! Seriously. Remember this is about 1/8th the cost of a Zaucto!
    And you can ditch the quickrelease, and stick the rod straight into the Zacuto baseplate you get with the Z-Finder.

    I am very impressed. 😉 If you see one, get one! No-brainer!

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  5. lee

    I Just got mine. First impressions are very good. Actually better than I expected. Although the handle/Grip lets it down as the plastic grip rotates round handle and the padding on the shoulder brace is a cheap bit of foam badly stuck on.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Serge - Please read my article very carefully. The price was done on purpose, but is available for 'Make an Offer'.

  7. Bronx

    London? Seller says he's from Merseyside which is well far from London. Would like to see more detailed pictures or video clips of the product luscious Liz, if you do actually have it.

  8. luscious Liz

    Picked one up from the guy on
    gumtree in London today, he
    let me tried it and gave me nice
    discount ... solid rig for
    ridiculous money

  9. Barry Sanders

    I hope this isn't one of those things that will turn out to be good, at which point the price sky rockets.

  10. Yeah, sure. $30 though. I put my 5dmkII on it, without anything else on it, and it was a very quick, inexpensive and very effective solution. And I do like the design a lot that gives you chest support, the hands-free thing.

  11. Emm

    Post author

    @apostolos - Yes that cheap shoulder support works great, and hands free too. I think what's nice about rods and clamps are the ability to break it down to small pieces for traveling. The cowboy doesn't really fit well in a backpack.

  12. Bronx

    I messaged them on ebay if the handle is height adjustable or can be unscrewed from the rod to replace with a longer rod, here's the response:


    No the rod and handgrip are one unit, i guess you would need a whole new 15mm longer rod with it own handle."

    Shame really because the handle grip looks uncomfortably high and its probably better to have a lower center of gravity with that so you can tuck your elbows in more comfortably...but you can't beat the price...

  13. Emm

    Post author

    @Musouka - Glidecam is a flying steadicam-like stabilizer for walking. These little rigs are made mainly for standing handheld shots.

  14. i just started filming with dslr and i also saw the need of getting a rig. but pvc wasn't what i was looking for.
    i wanted to be nearly as flexible as with the professional once. so i thought about getting pipe connectors elsewhere and figured out that the basic parts are not that expensive as i expected.

    a found a company in germany, where i live, who produce connector for industriel use.
    having these i just went to the next hardware store and bought some pips and no i have very felxible rig basing on metric screws (which are easier to get here in germany)

    completed i landed about 160€ which is a good price for if i compair this to the "pro" rigs sold in germany.
    so there are cheaper solutions but i dont see that much flexibility for the price here

  15. Chris

    if I had the money in the bank, which hopefully I will soon, I would snap up one of the $90 rigs. how can companys like Red Rock and Zacuto charge 4-5x the price for essentially the same product. I could understand 50-100% more but their prices really are ridiculous.

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