Deer Cart or Gear Cart?

This is so random, but might also be useful. For people with kids, how often have you looked at that BOB Jogging Stroller and thought 'This would be ideal to carry some gear'. Of course no matter how well you dress it up, there's no hiding the fact that it's still a baby stroller.


I was shopping for another cart that can carry a decent amount of weight and include some nice size tires to tackle a variety of terrain. This Kill Shot Deer cart looked pretty interesting (and not so much stroller-like) as it's rated to pull 500lbs over terrain and still folds down a bit. But to make it work for my gear, I think I might need to add another set of caster wheels to the front. There's some additional dimensions following the link below. So random, ok back to work.

Screen shot 2011-09-19 at 8.09.28 PMgame-cart-2
find-price-button Rough Terrain Deer Came Folding Cart

14 thoughts on “Deer Cart or Gear Cart?

  1. This is so freakin' funny! You know, I'm in the market for something I can haul my sandbags in during the gigs. I had this $25 "caddy" with handle from Home Depot, which they don't make anymore, which they replaced with a $65 model. Maybe the "deer cart" will be the solution as it costs $75 but it can probably hold more sandbags than the $65 Home Depot caddy.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Crowfeather - Someone mounted a tripod to a stroller at NAB2011. After walking the floors for several hours carrying gear, his idea was pretty cool.

  3. jigs

    sup Emm!
    You wouldn't believe how many items i've purchased from your reviews! right after reviews!

    I gotta say I'll draw the line here! haha!

  4. Harold

    I use a 2-wheeled golf cart that I bought for $10 at a yard sale to haul around my tripod and other stuff. Anyway, it's great for hauling around gear on my state park nature photo walks.


  5. Stargazer

    Those large wheels will make it easier to carry/pull heavy gear over uneven terrain. And my lenses are at times bigger than the average shooter's setup, using a 600mm f/4.
    For me the wagon is not suitable -- I went to shoot car races -- try getting a fully-loaded wagon up & down the stairs. A single axis cart is much more suitable for such a job

    So I use this -- with decent success :
    This cart isn't very sturdy but got the job done

    That deer deer cart is an interesting option not only for the big 600mm f/4 but even more so for some of my telescope gear. To haul it from the parking lot to the observation site. Those setups can exceed 150 lbs !!

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