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Recently I featured the Panasonic GH3 DC Coupler (seen here) used for running external battery power. Running external power is one way to swap batteries easily when the camera is mounted inside of a cage, or if you're looking to just have super long run times. If you're looking do the same for your Canon cameras, you can pick up the AC/DC adapter (as seen here) and slightly modify it, but you will still need to find the proper battery to run an optimal 7.4V DC.

Lanparte Portable Battery Canon CameraLP-E6 Battery Power Lanparte
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Well here's a recent Portable Power Solution Product that offers a 6600mAh Portable Li-Ion Battery along with a dummy battery to provide long lasting run times for Canon DSLR cameras that run on LP-E6 or LP-E8 batteries. That should cover pretty much every Canon DSLR made in the last 3 years. Lanparte is a name that has been putting out quality stuff in recent years, and i'm hoping this is just as good. I have one on order now. Not too shabby on the price considering they state a full charge will be the equivalent to the run time of 4 batteries. Check out the portable power solution following the link (Click here).

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17 thoughts on “LanParte Portable Canon LP-E6 LP-E8 External Battery Power

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Devitus - I believe that should work. The battery grip should have the option of using an AC adapter through a dummy battery, so adding this external pack would be no different. I can try it later too.

  2. DeVitus

    I'm thinking about getting this battery pack for my wedding shoots. Currently I'm using a battery grip in order to be able to swap batteries in twos faster without having to dismount the camera from the rig.

    I have a hypothetical question about this one. I'd like to continue using the battery grip since my rig is already built around the added height it provides. So if I were to insert one regular battery into the battery grip, and the other one would be the dummy battery coming with the Lanparte Battery Pack, would that work? That would also leave me with Plan B for when the regular battery and the Lanparte one would run out of juice (in case the wedding gets too long 😉

    Please let me know what you think! Thanks.

  3. RD

    I wrote Lanparte and they said that for some reason, the power protector in both units was switched on. To remedy, they said to hold the power button down for a while. I held it for 20 seconds and both units powered on again.

    Issue solved.


  4. RD


    I just bought two of the Lanparte lpe8 batteries and at first, my camera recognized them but now the camera doesn't even turn on with those batteries.

    All my other lpe8 canon batteries work fine?

    Has this happened to you? Any advice?



  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Jesus - Yeah works great, but you have to DIY a mount. Here's the test video httpss://

  6. Jesus

    Emm, you mentioned that you have one on order, did you get it and have you used it already?
    I know that you are a big Tekion (sp?) user. how does this compare?

  7. This is awesome. Would be great for super long timelapse stuff 😀

    What would make it even better would be some 1/4 mounts so we could mount it more easily it to a rig!

  8. Steven

    Much easier to pull the trigger on. I have been looking at the Lanparte shoulder power route. The batteries for that v-mount option are expensive, but it will power you through the entire day and acts as a counter weight. The battery solution in this article is cheaper, will last a while, but won't act as a counter weight. I think the price on this pretty much does it for me.

    @Emm - Please post an update on this product. I'll seriously consider it if I see some test results.

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @Adam - There are other batteries better suited for something like this, or I guess you can get two of the items and use one for the camera and one for SmallHD.

  10. Adam

    Would there be a way to power both a 5d and a smallhd monitor from this device? Using a splitter of some sort?


  11. About time. I built a custom battery pack like this out of a rc car battery for one of my canons and while it works great, I had to solder cables together and it looks wonky as heck looking on top of my rig cage.

    This one seems like it'd be a lot more 'put together' and not so janky.

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