Lanparte DSLR Rigs, Follow Focus, Shoulder Pad

YouTube member TheJoeDigital shares a video review with a look at some of the new designs from the Lanparte DSLR rigs. The video above shows the Follow Focus with two hard stops, a new clever swing open cage design, and variable position handles with geared locks. They also make Matte Boxes and other accessories.

I picked up one of the shoulder pads a while back to replace the not-so-comfy Gini silicone pad on one of my rigs. As seen in the video above from Vimeo member brandpartners, the shoulder pad from Lanparte I picked up has a much more contoured soft pad and rails on top to mount other accessories or a V-Mount battery pinch solution (which they also make). The V-mount battery dock provides various voltage out to power different accessories, but also includes an HDMI splitter to send video to a second monitor. You can check out more of their gear following the link (here).

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13 thoughts on “Lanparte DSLR Rigs, Follow Focus, Shoulder Pad

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  2. Austin M

    does the marking disk on the follow focus work better with a wax marker or a dry erase marker?

  3. I'm seriously considering the Lanparte system for my rig however I am interested in doing an in-depth review as the brief overview is enough to "wet One's whistle" I think such a system deserves a more closer look.

  4. Navigoon

    Mister Joe really should stop using really that often, it's really bugging me. Otherwise it seems to be a really nice rig.

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