DIY Roller Bearing Slider

YouTube member Sunny01 shares a a simple DIY roller bearing slider most people can build out. A few T-shaped joining brackets on each side, some carefully spaced bearings on top and bottom allow the carrier to ride over the PVC pipes. If PVC isn't your thing, there's no reason you can't redesign around some lightweight copper piping. [Thanks Sunny]. Judging from the build and how it maintains itself on the rails, you'll need a minimum of 12 skate bearings. Normally these bearings come in packs of 8.

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9 thoughts on “DIY Roller Bearing Slider

  1. John

    Great Project.
    What is the size of your skate bearing centers? & how did you get them centered on the axle?
    You moved so fast in that section of the video, that I didn't catch it.

    The online skate bearing centers look much larger than the treaded rod/axle you're using.
    Thanks in advance.

  2. I posted a tutorial with detailed parts(Paul) Emm put a link there too.
    and (Tony) I used FCPX....not the iMovie(lol) but i get it what you are saying. next time i m not using that

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  4. SkunkWorks

    Grab a pair of decent used inline skates from your local second hand thrift shop or online classifieds and you'll have a crapload of useful bearings for 5 bucks... with 1/4" centers 😉

  5. Paul

    I just wonder if the Bones are really necessary for this application. Those things are made for super heavy duty roller derby and/or skateboard use. Seems like overkill to me. Why would the affordable ones not work? We're talking about a pretty light duty application.

    If I can get around to trying this sometime soon I'll go for the cheap ones and report on my success (or failure). Or maybe one of you enterprising film makers will beat me to it.

    - p

  6. Be careful which bearings you buy, there are ton of cheap generic skate bearings out there but Emm did put links to Bones Swiss Bearings which are the best.

  7. Very nice idea and one I'm certain to try in the near future. Would like to see a more complete set of shots of this rig. This treatment is a bit too much on the "creative" side. How about some more static, well-lit shots that dwell on the details of the rig? We won't hold it against you.

    Watch out for that GoPro super wide perspective. Parts of the rig show up in the vertical move at the right of the frame starting at 2:19.

    Copper pipe? Seriously? Do you have any idea how much that stuff costs($$$$$)? The best deals on skate bearings are over at ebay. Just search "roller skate bearings". An outfit called VBX Ball Bearings has a sizable selection and usually free shipping. You don't need the expensive name brand bearings for this worthy project.

    - p

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