Konova’s New K2 Video Camera Slider – More Affordable

Konova has just announced a new K2 version of their popular sliders. If you follow Konova products, previously they offered a K3 (mid size) and K5 (larger size) video camera slider. The new K2 version and more affordable at $100 dollars cheaper than the K3, yet still based on the same roller bearing design with the same adjustable legs / feet.


Not 100% sure, but from the specs of the product listing it can also be used with their Crank Pulley Upgrade Kit, and other Time Lapse Controllers (like the Smart Motion). You can find the K2 and more information at the eBay Store.

Konova K2 Version Slider
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35 thoughts on “Konova’s New K2 Video Camera Slider – More Affordable

  1. Chris Coats

    I ended up getting one of these sliders, but after one use, the sliding carriage began to wobble horribly. I tried to adjust the bearing, but nothing has worked. Anybody else have this problem?

  2. Darrin

    I'm trying to figure out a camera slider that can be used in a studio and be portable enough for outdoor adventures.
    I'm torn betwwen an igus and the Konova. It seems the Konova would be more practical in the wilderness because of the adjustable feet, but I'm just guessing at this point.


  3. Feliks

    I just got my K2 yesterday. I got the 48", the lonest one. It's real sturdy, but I don't know if I'm happy with the bearing assembly quality. When I try to loosen and tighten it, it basically makes no difference and the slider is a tiny bit loose no matter what. It's very smooth if you use it really gingerly but the slightest tap and it shakes since the bearings have a bit of play.

    Larry, did you loosen the center bolt first before tightening the allen screws to tighten the friction?

  4. Larry

    I have an update to my previous post from a few hours ago. After some additional tinkering, I was able to remove the washer that was covering the adjustment for the central bearing. The washer had been jammed down over the bearing housing. I was able to pry it up with a pin type of tool I have. So now I am happy to report that I am able to adjust the tension on the bearing. I feel much better about the slider now...though it it is still difficult to dial in the correct tension. It is easy to set it too loose or too tight. But at least I now can make adjustments. My tests after the bearing adjustment are much better than the original setting. I'm back to really liking the K2.

  5. Larry

    Templater and others:
    I just received my K2 slider and on the unboxing I was really happy with it. Construction is solid. I have to say that upon using, however, I'm pretty disappointed with the K2 and will likely send it back.

    The bearings on the carriage are pretty tight on the rails. So tight in fact that I cannot for the life of me pull a smooth slide...I have tried more than fifty times so far. The carriage glides smoothly for a few inches and then hits a tight spot, slowing down my slide. And yes I have cleaned the rails and bearings thoroughly several times.

    Here's where one of the big differences may be between the K2 and the K3. On my K2 slider there is no way to adjust the tension on the bearings. There are no set screws. The bearings are riveted to the carriage. This means that I'm stuck with the tension they set at the factory. If you receive one that isn't set properly, then you're out of luck.

    If anyone has any suggestions as to how to adjust the tension on the bearings, I would love to hear it. I want to love this slider, but it just isn't working out for me.

  6. Templater

    Those who ordered the K2, are you still happy with it? My budget say K2, but my mind says Rhino slider.

  7. Derek

    Just ordered a 80cm for a shoot in Hawaii next week. Was going for the 60CM as I figured it would be better to hike with but they were out of stock here in California. Look forward to trying this guy out as I've only really used my massive steel slider.

    Oh and what I heard from Konova is that the biggest difference between the K2 and K3 is quality of the metal. I'd prefer lightweight anyways so hopefully the K2 is everything I'm looking for.

  8. Arden

    The difference is K3 has 4 bearings vs 3, the bearings are also bigger, and the rail diameter is bigger and able to handle heavier loads. K2 sounds good, but I'm worried about tilting the camera with heavy lens, there could be grinding. Did anyone tried this yet?

  9. KBV

    Just got my K2 80cm!!!

    I'm impressed with the built quality and how smooth it is! It Handled well my Canon 60D and everything. I'm really really happy with this slider.

  10. Jordan Gasper

    Just got my K2....

    First of all. I applaud Konova for their fast shipping. It went out on Tuesday, and got here today (Thursday).

    My initial thoughts were the built quality. It seemed to be really solid. When you first start playing with the slider, it almost feels like a friction based slider, but once you put your camera on there, it slides like butter. It honestly exceeded my expectations immensely.

    I went with the 80cm. Dont go any smaller. I think this is the perfect length, and the only other length I would consider would be the 100cm.

    Overall, it is a really nice slider for an even nicer price. I would defiantly go with this over the K3 unless you really need the tool kit and extra bearing.

  11. Jordan Gasper

    Just ordered a 80cm K2!

    So stoked on the purchase. Its $110 difference in price from the K2 to the K3, and everything is the same except the K2 has 3 bearings instead of the K3's 4 bearings.

    I will post up here when I get it.

  12. Ian G

    It arrived! Loving it, I cant really see what difference an extra bearing could make and I certainly cant see the k3 being worth $100 more, at least not for me. This slider is great and from what I can tell from watching countless reviews of the k3 and k5 there really is no difference in the quality of the slide results

    My only gripe was that for some reason I only received one of the Oil Sils. I have emailed Konova about this and awaiting their reply. Im confident they will send me the missing oil sil, but we will see

    Other than that... I couldnt be happier... I wasnt aware that the sliders had levels on them which is great... and the ruler on the track is a nice touch... havent used the legs yet so cant comment on them

    Already ran some tests and this thing is super smooth out the box. Havent messed with the friction adjustment yet at all. I even tested it with my shoulder rig, follow focus, and my 70-200 (with a t3i) just to see how well it worked with all the extra weight... ill never use it with all that stuff but the slider handled the extra weight perfectly fine and stayed just as smooth... my tripod struggled a little when the slider got to the ends with all that weight but mounting on 2 tripods would solve that problem

    Anyone on a budget and in the market for a slider now has the perfect solution....Still cant believe how affordable this thing is... now time to take the money i saved and motorize this thing

  13. I asked Konova what the main difference between the k2 and the k3 is. They told me: "k2 only has 3 bearings and k3 has 4". But 100$ for just one more bearing?

  14. I just got the 60cm(24") K2 today, first look and set up looks pretty solid! Very happy with it so far, heading out to use it this week. Shipping was really fast too, only a week from korea to new zealand!

  15. Dennis

    After a bit of some research, I think the "turning kit" is actually supposed to be "tuning kit". It's essentially a pair of pliers that you use on the bearings to increase or decrease friction.

  16. Dennis

    Can someone who ordered this or knows what the "turning kit" is report back? This is one hell of steal and in my opinion a much better value than the K3

  17. Ian G

    well i guess ill be the guinea pig. I just ordered the the 80cm (31.8") K2 from ebay. $239 free shipping

    ill report back on arrival

  18. steven

    I still can't figure out the big difference here from the k2 to k3. On the website it mention that the k2 does not have the turning kit (do they mean the ability to hook up the crank kit, or the now released timelapse kit?)

    I know the bearing count and load capacity are slightly different, but over $100 difference...I'm confused. Any help?

  19. Ian G

    Wow... i guess we will have to wait and see what the differences between the k3 & k2 are. If its just a little lighter weight with smaller rail and bearings (like the k5 vs k3) then I this is absolutely ideal for me.

    Still in shock at how low the price is... fingers crossed that the differences arent major...

  20. Ron Temc

    @JSS - length really depends. For example, in small spaces - I was recently shooting in a bathroom - the slider we had put on the tripod didn't fit in, because it was too long, so we couldn't use it. So too long was a problem there. On the other hand, too short can also be a limitation. Other considerations: shorter sliders are more portable as in taking it on an airplane with onboard instead of having to check it in with the luggage. Longer sliders often need two tripods or stands or whatever, because the leverage becomes too much if it only has one point at which it rests, so in that situation a shorter slider is easier to use because it needs less other equipment for full use. Of course, if you do need the length, then there's no substitute for that and a shorter one just won't work. So it really depends on the job - different lengths for different jobs. Hard to generalize, but if I had to, for myself (mostly narrative work), I would find 2 to 3 feet most useful most of the time - but hey, you may find 2 feet ideal 9 times out of 10, and that tenth time you need 4 feet, so that's that. Personally, I'd look for 2-3 feet, or what fits comfortably across an open door. YMMV.

  21. JSS

    I've never owned a slider but do you guys have any thoughts on the ideal length? This seems like a pretty good deal i'm just worried about size. And I also wouldn't mind seeing what P&C come up with.

  22. Christian

    I am interested in a slider that will fit "into" a carry-on piece of luggage for travel. The K2 series appears to be the shortest roller-bearing based slider I've seen at 48". Not clear on if this 48 CM measurement includes the ends with or without feet attached...but hopefully it's no more than the interior of most carry-on luggage. It seems only the K2 series comes in this shorter length. I'm placing an order so I can report back once I get it!

    On a side note: it seems the crank upgrades have gone up in price. Before, I saw them usually around $160 on ebay. Now they all seem to be $200.

  23. Mike

    Damn, my k3 turned up 5 days ago. Could have saved $100 haha. 1 less bearing, little less load capacity but virtually the same?

  24. Matt

    And it's only $10 more to equal the K3 there, so I would imagine there are other significant differences?

  25. Matt

    For one, the base models differ in length. 48cm for the K2 and 60cm for the K3. Not a big difference though.

  26. Daniel

    I'm deciding to get a Konova slider and I have trouble deciding which one to get.
    Is it worth getting the K2 for $100 cheaper since it is the same as the K3 with minor differences?
    The only big difference I see between the two is K3 have the Turning Kit.

    Unless somebody have a good reason to get the K3 than the K2.


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