Blackmagic Cinema Camera for Micro Four Thirds

So while everyone is checking their mailboxes hoping their new Blackmagic Cinema Camera has shipped, at the end of the year the BMCC will release a new native MFT (micro four thirds) mount. There's so many options to mount various lenses to MFT cameras, this might end up being more popular than the first EF mount BMCC. So how many of you have already pre-ordered a BMCC?

Pricing will remain the same at $2995 and expected to ship end of December. Preorders already available over at B&H (Click Here).

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16 thoughts on “Blackmagic Cinema Camera for Micro Four Thirds

  1. AndyG

    The MFT version gives you more options with lenses, however I'm still ordering the EF Mount version because of the ability to use IS (Image Stabilization) which is a huge plus in my opinion.

  2. Chris

    To the guy who said, "I have no interest in this camera"...really? You do realize you just read an article on the BMCC right???? You must have a little interest in it or you wouldn't have commented on it. This is a $3000 12-bit beast...small sensor, who cares...get a new lens and call it a day. I have mine on order. I have mostly canon glass so I will not be cancelling my order for the MFT although it is tempting.

  3. @Steve that's a great post on the BM forum. Thanks for sharing. I know it's been since April for me when I first preordered the camera and now another 3 months since I am now going with the MFT version. But I still think its going to be one kick ass camera!

  4. Steve V

    @Chad sensor size meaning you want to spend many $1000's more for a large/full sensor? IF that's true not a problem go for it. If you are comparing to a DSLR in its price range you are comparing apples and oranges. The large/full frame sensors on DLSR's are not actually being used in the video mode but there is a lot of line skipping.

  5. Steve V

    @Glenn At $3000 for raw. 2.5k, 13 stops DR, generic SSD recording, DaVinci Resolve and Ultrascope software, thunderbolt & HDSDI connections, 5" touchscreen LCD, MFT/EF mounts, Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHD video formats what are you talking about in gimmics?

  6. Geoff

    It really should have been this from the start. Now all types of lenses from MFT to Super-16 can be mounted on this camera. Only way they could make this better is have switchable mounts that you could purchase.

  7. Harry Paul

    I noticed the MFT Blackmagic Camera is also available for pre-order at Hot Rod Cameras. If you're in New York (like me) there's no sales tax!!

  8. @Nima MFT would be a better choice for you. Many people though a Canon EF mount was a poor choice for the first iteration of this camera, because the Canon EF spec has one of the longest flange focal lengths (the distance between the front surface of the camera's bayonet mount, and the image plane). This makes it difficult to use many lenses, like older Canon FD-mount and Leica M mount, because you lose infinity focus. With an MFT mount, which has a very short flange focal length, you can use adapters to mount almost any lens currently available, including PL.

  9. Nima

    So if I want to primarily use my Leica lenses with this camera, would MFT be better option? Just don't know much about MFT. But I've had the Cinema camera on order for months and wondering if this new version would be a better option for my Leica lenses since they'll be closer to the sensor.

  10. We'll probably be picking this camera up in January, and it will be MFT, no question. I can get the RedRock adapter if I really want to use my EF/EF-S Canon glass, but the vast majority of the time I'm shooting with my AIS primes, or rented Zeiss.

    We're really excited they're releasing this model. The ability to use EF, FD, F, PL, etc really opens this camera up!

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