Joy Ride – 32 bit 3 Axis Gimbal with Electric Skateboard

I thought i'd test out how well I have things balanced out with the GH4 and Rokinon 7.5mm Fisheye Lens. A few notes - the Rokinon lens is a manual lens with no image stabilization and although parts of this video have been sped up, there is absolutely no image stabilization applied. I'm also holding the gimbal only by it's Top handle. As I reach speeds up to 20mph there is plenty of wind resistance. Considering these factors - I think it faired well.

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  1. Dez

    Thanks @emm . So I am now in between the Came7000 32bit and the Birdy Cam. Will wait till you review to see if it $1,300 difference is worth it. Thanks in advance

  2. Emm

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    @Dez - The new 32 bit Alexmos board makes can easily perform at that level or even better. It looks more stable because they are using an Ultra Wide Angle Lens, but i'm already able to achieve such shots.

  3. Emm

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    @tim morris - The time it takes to calculate for correction is incredibly faster, the dual IMU sensors also allow for better stabilization. As far as i'm concerned there is no comparison between the two, and when possible go for the 32 bit.

  4. tim morris

    From a technical standpoint, what is the difference between the 8 bit gimbal stabilizer vs the 32 bit stabilizer???

  5. Emm

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    @Greg - Not yet, still trying to get my gimbal tuned up for an upcoming project.

  6. Emm

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    @RyGuy - Currently I have a couple of different electric skateboards. The one I use in this video is an E-Glide GI (beast) weighing over 50lbs and long. Not easy to tote around, definitely not for public transportation, but has actual spring suspension, radial pneumatic tires, and aluminium rims. I put the seats down in my hatchback car to take it around. This is a great long board when the roads aren't very smooth. Love this board, i've been riding it for over three years and still riding it hard constantly.

    My wife likes to go on walks for excercise. This is how I get my excercise when pushing the baby stroller:

    It has so much torque I pull a bike trailer behind it with my Daughter when we cruise around town or when I make grocery runs.

    Here's a very old video of what it looks like:

    I've also modded it for safe night riding with underboard lighting and a high power front torch:

    You can find them (here)

    E-Glide GI Electric Skateboard

  7. I have to stop visiting your site. You just never show something not worth spending some money! LOL. Incredible stable! What about your arms after holding the gimbal for some time?

  8. Emm

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    @FabDex - I like the shadow showing I was really on a skateboard. That's my favorite part. If it was unrelated then I might be bothered.

  9. FabDex

    Very impressive !

    Iknow... I know: it's just a test. But I can't help but cringe when I see the cameraman's shadow in a shot. LOL !

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